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Kate Jongbloed

World Health Day: How Plan helps girls and moms stay healthy (PHOTOS)

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Kate Jongbloed

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Happy World Health Day!

Well, we’re a day late – the official World Health Day was yesterday – but we’re still going to take this chance to talk about different ways that Plan helps girls and moms stay healthy!

One of the best ways to keep girls healthy is by breaking the cycle of poverty through education, early childcare and development, good nutrition, and child protection. Making sure that girls and their families have the knowledge and tools to prevent illness is crucial, too. And finally, when sickness strikes, girls need access to good care to regain their health and get back to their lives.

Plan has programs in South & Central America, Asia, and Africa that help girls stay healthy and get the care they need when they get sick:


Laos: Plan helps girls and boys become hygiene and sanitation ambassadors at school so that they can then pass the healthy message along to parents and communities. Here, they’re learning about good hygiene as they race to put together a puzzle.


Cambodia: A Plan-trained midwife checks a pregnant woman while her daughter snuggles up.


Peru: A nurse charts a local baby’s progress in room built and equipped by Plan to monitor children’s growth.


Peru: A girl tries her new toothbrush during a lesson about dental hygiene.


Haiti: A new mother and her daughter get a check-up at a Plan health centre.


Togo: Two Plan health workers receive bicycles to expand their reach as they work to combat malaria and other preventable diseases in their community.


Burkina Faso: Young mom Abata (18) holds her severely underweight daughter Miriam (22 months) at a Plan-supported centre for malnourished children where she is receiving care.


Pakistan: Two girls participate in peer-to-peer counselling after special training in sexual and reproductive health.


Togo: A girl carries mosquito nets provided by Plan on her head. Plan handed over 2,679,293 nets to families in Togo to help prevent malaria and other bug-borne infections.


Nepal: After surviving polio, Pabu had surgery that allowed her to stand and walk again. Plan has supported her to rejoin school with physiotherapy and other post-surgery services.


Zimbabwe: A baby girl receives a drop immunization to prevent killer diseases, including polio and measles.


El Salvador: A volunteer weighs a girl as part of a Plan program to reduce malnutrition in children under 5.


Burkina Faso: A pregnant woman waits for consultation with a doctor as part of a Plan program to prevent the transmission of HIV from mothers to children through education, treatment and care.


Nicaragua: Youth leader and peer counsellor Virginia (18) records a video message about how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV/AIDS.


Mozambique: A young mom admires her new baby at a Plan-supported maternity hospital.


China: Girls and boys attend a children’s centre to learn one of the essentials of good hygiene: how to keep their hands clean.

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