We can and must stop famine now


Lives are being lost every day. More than 20 million people are at risk of starvation because of a severe drought and food crisis. We need to act now. According to the UN, this is the largest humanitarian crisis since the UN was created in 1945.

Where in Africa?

Plan International staff is working in South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Uganda to provide urgent food supplies and lifesaving humanitarian support to hungry children and families.

Our work includes distributing nutritious food to save lives, but it doesn’t end there. We also:

  • Ensure those most at risk, like malnourished children under 5 and pregnant women, secure the emergency resources they need
  • Help protect the wellbeing of children, particularly adolescent girls, who are most vulnerable during crises; this includes offering psycho-social support services
  • Provide farmers with agricultural assistance
  • Support supplementary feeding programs.

Click on a country to see some examples of how your donations are helping children and families survive this famine.

Who is most vulnerable?

Girls. In the chaos of a crisis, adolescent girls are at a higher risk of experiencing sexual violence and harassment, becoming pregnant, being pulled out of school, trafficked, or forced into an early marriage.

Girls face a particularly higher risk of early and forced marriage as families struggle to survive. Many communities see forced marriage as a way to reduce the strain of famine, as it ensures one less person to feed, and can be used to secure a dowry in the form of cash or livestock.

Your help will save lives

Spread of famine can only be prevented if humanitarian assistance is immediately scaled up and reaches the most vulnerable. Plan International has the experience and infrastructure in place to reach those affected by this devastating crisis – but we need your help to do it.

Donate before June 30th and the Government of Canada will match your donation with its Famine Relief Fund, doubling your impact! Thank you for helping us reach children and families in need.

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