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Guest blogger

Update from Ottawa!

Guest blogger

Afnan & Jen


Ottawa – Day 3. Torey here. The team and I just returned to our hotel after interviewing a young woman named Afnan and the Green Party candidate for the Ottawa city center riding, Jen Hunter. Both Afnan and Jen provided us with stellar interviews about both perspectives on the role of girls in the world, their local involvement in the Ottawa community, and their hopes of how they may project change on a national level.  After visits to high-schools, the Rideau Center and the By Ward Market, our team is beginning to notice that girls in Ottawa are becoming actively involved in helping their communities and are interested in facilitating change on a global scale. The Because I am a Girl campaign has actually allowed like-minded girls in the Ottawa area to connect and share ideas about what can be done to improve the status not only women, but also the communities which surround them.

Yes, this blog is place to for us to share our experiences on the road, but it holds more potential than existing as an online journal. It is a place to share hopes, ideas, thoughts, stories and initiatives!

It is also a place where you can suggest places to for us to visit while in your city. Use the comment section to become involved!  We look for comments daily and will respond to them as best we can.

Hoping to hear from you soon,