THEN AND NOW: A family’s journey from poverty to progress

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

When we first met Eudel back in 2014, she was a bright and bubbly 8-year-old who had recently started attending school, thanks to the continued commitment of child sponsors like you!

Growing up in rural Zimbabwe, Eudel and her family faced barriers to education, livelihood, clean water and nutritious food. However, their lives took a turn in a hopeful new direction when Eudel became a sponsored child and Plan International Canada began working with her community.

Now, meet Eudel and see the changes your support made possible:

Changing lives, transforming communities

Child Sponsorship and programs like the Peanut Butter project (funded through Plan International Canada’s Gifts of Hope) have also allowed Eudel’s little brother, Tafadzwa, to attend early childhood education centres and enabled their mother, Shylit, to overcome difficult challenges.

After her husband passed away, Shylit struggled to make ends meet as a single parent. She decided to team up with a group of local women to start a grinding mill, through training and support from Plan International Canada on how to create an income-generating business. Together, the women work daily to shell, grind and roast peanuts to produce, package, market and sell peanut butter. They also process community members’ food, such as maize, for a fee.

3 women grinding and roasting peanuts

Shylit (centre) works with her business partners to grind peanuts

This business was such a success that Shylit was not only able to support her family, but also provide beneficial employment and food production opportunities for the entire community.

“We are now uplifted,” Shylit told us in 2014.

“You can see we have changed in our families, we are now able to pay school fees that we were unable to pay before. Our children are now able to eat better food – food that has complete nutrients, things we could not afford before.”

Meet Shylit and see the Peanut Butter Project in action:

Fast forward to today

So, how have Eudel and Shylit’s lives changed since we last heard from them?

Shylit, Eudel and Tafadzwa

We’ll let Shylit explain.

“I have so much joy. I am so happy for all you’ve done to make our lives better,” she says, adding that she still works at the grinding mill and that it’s now expanded to include sunflower oil production.

In addition, malnutrition rates are decreasing locally thanks to increased availability of foods such as peanut butter, sorghum, and maize.

“Our objective is to support our livelihood,” says Shylit. “Most of our income is going to our children’s school fees.”

And while Shylit is still thriving as a successful businesswoman, Eudel, now 12, continues to attend school and is now in Grade 6.

“I like school and I still write letters to my sponsor,” Eudel tells us. “It makes me happy.”

The women of the peanut butter project stand together and smile

Through the Peanut Butter project, a community is united and thriving too!

Thank you

Shylit, Eudel and Tafadzwa are eternally grateful to Plan and the support of child sponsors for making the changes in their lives possible.

“I hope when you come back to see us, we will have done even more – and for years to come,” says Shylit, with a smile.

We hope so too!

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