The Power of Human Potential

Caroline Riseboro | Feb 4, 2019

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Human potential is limitless. There is no telling what we can accomplish when we are united under a common purpose. I am reminded of this whenever I hear stories of people around the world rewriting the systems of inequality once thought of as ‘normal’. I am inspired by stories like Diack’s, a father from Senegal, and the men like him, who are standing with women as they seek access to their rights. I am also energized by the resilience of so many young people who are demanding the world take action against the issues that affect them most.

The work we do at Plan International Canada is only possible because of people like this, people like you. Because of your dedication and support we are unleashing the power of human potential, changing real lives and redefining what ‘normal’ looks like in our world.

Our 2018 Annual Review highlights some of the many ways we are harnessing the power of global changemakers. We are proving that together we can reach our goals and push back against the forces of inequality threatening the future of children everywhere.

Here are just a few examples of what we’ve been able to accomplish alongside the driven, defiant and passionate people who share our vision for a just world where everyone thrives. You can read more about each story in our 2018 Annual Review.

Men in rural Senegal are working to Change the Birth Story

Diack, a father of seven from Senegal, is helping to Change the Birth Story by learning about the barriers women face when accessing sexual and reproductive health rights. Through peer-to-peer support groups called Fathers’ clubs, Diack and other men in his community are challenging harmful gender norms around what it means to be a man and a father and are taking on their share of the childrearing and household chores – tasks once considered the sole responsibility of women.

Meet four youth making a difference in their communities

Plan International Canada is proud to be working with amazing young leaders in Canada who are pushing boundaries and rewriting the definition of ‘normal.’ We chatted with some of these youth advocates to hear what they had to say about their work with Plan International Canada and their passion for seeing gender equality achieved worldwide.

See their responses in our 2018 Annual Review.

3 boys who are defying normal to end sexual harassment in Egypt

 While cat-calling and sexual harassment are considered ‘normal’ for women and girls in Egypt, Ahmed, Hassan and Mohammed are determined to put an end to the practice in their communities. Through interactive clubs run by Plan International, these boys are learning that girls have a right to be equal, including the right to speak up for themselves and to feel safe when walking down the street.

Defying norms in Vietnam

Fifteen-year-old girls like Sen from Vietnam are standing up for their rights – and they are not alone. By promoting the importance of girls’ education, Plan International is working with community members to end the common practice of child marriage. Now girls like Sen can choose to further their education and decide their own futures.

One woman’s legacy of giving

Sara and her daughter Madeleine decided to support Plan International Canada out of a concern for the education of girls in developing countries. Over the years, Sara and her family have raised more than $30,000 for Plan International Canada’s work. Today, Sara furthers her mission to help girls around the world access their education by hosting her annual golf tournament, Golf Carte Blanche.

These stories are only a glimpse of what we accomplished in 2018. Thanks to you, our supporters, it was our best year yet! Although we’ve made significant strides in the fight for equality I am confident, that with your valued support, we will go further than ever before in the years to come. With you as part of our community, we will continue to work with and for children to create a more just and equitable world for all.

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