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A little girl reads a letter with her family.

10 reasons to write your sponsored child

Lisa | Feb 9, 2016

Writing a letter to your sponsored child marks the beginning of a special relationship. It’s like having a pen-pal halfway around the globe, so take advantage, and learn more about your sponsored child, their family and their community. We have [...] Read more »


The ripple effect of empowering girls and women

Lisa | May 15, 2015

Gender inequality is a global issue. In countries around the world, girls and women face discrimination that prevents them from accessing opportunities for a brighter future. And yet, we know when you invest in girls and women, everyone benefits! By [...] Read more »

Teen girl sitting in the field.

Two incredible girls fighting for children’s rights!

Kate Jongbloed | Nov 20, 2014

More than twenty-five years ago, the world came together and agreed on the Convention on the Rights of the Child – declaring that children’s rights are human rights, and that their rights need to be respected. The basic rights of children, [...] Read more »