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Emma Hamilton-Clark


New preschool in Nga sparks excitement for education

Emma Hamilton-Clark


Early education can play a crucial role in helping a child reach their full potential. When children grow in an environment where they can learn, play and socialize – it can positively impact their learning skills in the years to come!

That’s why Plan International Canada’s Community Sponsorship program is working in the remote community of Nga, Laos, to increase access to early education and give children the tools they need to succeed.

Thanks to the support of Canadians like you – a new preschool was built in Nga, meaning 30 young children now have the chance to learn!

In addition to the new school, teachers throughout Nga will also receive training to build on their skills and refine their teaching techniques to ensure that their students are receiving quality education.

Three pictures, from the beginning of construction of a preschool until its completion

Before and after pictures of the preschool

We got to hear from some of the children and parents who are truly grateful for this positive change in their community!

Meet two girls who you’ve supported to learn

Best friends Chanda, 4 and Nod 5, can’t wait to start playing in their new classrooms, which are fully stocked with learning kits and arts and crafts materials.

“I like playing games with my teacher and friends, but I like the new school building most of all,” says Nod with a big smile on her face.

Two girls smiling through a window frame

Chanda, left and Nod, right are best friends

The two best friends have big hopes and dreams for the future.

“I want to be a doctor when I grow up,” says Chanda. “I would like to cure patients and save their lives.”

Nod agrees: “Helping and curing people is the best thing to do.”

Young children gather around large faucet

The school has running water and clean, safe latrine facilities with hand washing stations

The new preschool even has the girls’ mothers talking – they can see how their daughters will directly benefit from this program!

Seeing is believing

After seeing the construction of the new preschool come to fruition, many parents were inspired to enroll their children to attend class.

“We decided to send Nod to preschool after we heard of the new Community Sponsorship build,” says Nod’s mother, Kham.

Young children stand outside classroom in two lines

Chanda and Nod patiently wait to see their new classroom

“We never thought we would send our daughter to preschool,” says Kay, Chanda’s mother.

“My daughter is young, but learning in the new school will change her life in the long term. She’ll look back when she grows up and recognize what she’s learned from Plan International.”

Putting education first

The construction of the new preschool has sparked conversations throughout the community about the importance of children’s education.

“Since meetings with Plan International staff, we are aware of the importance of education,” shares Kay, “It’s good for Chanda and her friends,” she adds.

Mother stands beside father holding their daughter

Chanda and her parents are back at home after picking her up from school

Chanda and Nod’s parents are committed to support their daughters in pursuing their dreams, but they also note that they couldn’t do it without you.

“With sponsors’ support, I believe that my daughter’s dream will come true,” says Nod’s mother.

The students are also grateful for their new preschool, but don’t take it from us, hear it from the children themselves!

Building a brighter future

Thanks to the support of Canadians, children in Nga now have the opportunity to start building their dreams!

By becoming a Community Sponsor, you’re helping the people of Nga build their community while ensuring that children have access to their right to education, clean water and healthcare.

Become a community sponsor today!