Meet Tort, a former sponsored child who’s determined to achieve her dreams!

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Tort, 23, was born with one arm in Cambodia.  But despite these challenges, she has always been determined to defy the odds and become an inspiration to other children in her community!

Tort stands in library

Humble beginnings

Growing up in a small rural village, Tort’s parents worked as rice farmers. Like many in their community, Tort’s parents cannot read or write but always hoped they would have children who could.

“When we were young, we would’ve liked to go school,” says Hoy, Tort’s father.

Tort with mother and father

When asked if he knows any English, Hoy laughs and shakes his head saying they didn’t have a chance to learn but they’re happy Tort did, thanks to the support of child sponsors like you.

In fact, Tort was one of the first children in her village to become a sponsored child when Plan International began working there in 2002. With your support, children just like Tort have been able to realize their rights to education, health care, and protection.

Tort reading a letter Tort smiles as she reads aloud the first letter she ever received from her child sponsors. She cherishes this letter so much that she keeps it protected in a plastic cover. “I would tell my sponsors what my village looks like and what I eat and do in my daily life,” she says.

Determined to learn

According to Kheny, Tort’s mother, her daughter was often sad because she wanted to be like the other children. But Tort’s perspective soon changed, and with the encouragement of her parents and child sponsor, she decided to show everyone that she could do much more than what many thought was possible, including finishing high school.

“Tort is very motivated,” says Kheny, adding that she was determined to achieve an education no matter what. “Even when she had to herd cows, she took along some books.”

After finishing high school and graduating from the sponsorship program, Tort began working at her local school library to help support her parents and save money to finally make her long-time dream of becoming a teacher come true!

Tort stands in school surrounded by children

A passion for passing on knowledge

Along with working at the library, Tort, now 23, volunteers her time to teach English classes 3 times a day at the primary school – something her parents are very proud of!

Holding up pictures of different fruits, Tort smiles as students call out the names of the fruits in English. “Watermelon – right or wrong?” Tort asks the class, and there is a thunderous “Right!” as 30 children shout out.

Tort holds up picture for classroom

Tort is dedicated to teaching these children every day, and she one day hopes to teach English and Khmer (the local language) literature at the local high school.

“English is an important subject, it is the second language in this country,” she says. “With these lessons, I want to give something back to my village for having received so much in my life.”

Thank you for helping children like Tort

Thanks to child sponsors like you, Tort is well on her way to making all her dreams come true!

THIS is the power of your support and what you can help make possible when you help give children, families and entire communities access to essentials like education, clean water, health care and livelihood!

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