Meet Michael – the man who delivers mail to sponsored children

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Write to your sponsored child
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Sponsoring a child is an incredible experience and a chance to change lives. The connection you form with your sponsored child through letter writing and photo exchanges is one that can provide a lifetime of inspiration!

Correspondence is also a great way to see how much your support is helping communities realize their rights to clean water, education quality healthcare and so much more.

When you write a letter, your words travel across the world to reach your sponsored child’s community and upon arrival, it opens a world of happiness and hope. But have you ever wondered who delivers your mail?

Michael near plan truck

Michael, the Plan International mailman

If you have a sponsored child in Western Kenya, then it’s probably Michael. He started working with Plan International in 2011 to improve his community, and today he delivers letters to 540 children in 7 schools across 16 villages.

Michael is a welcome sight whenever he visits communities. When children see him riding in on his motorbike, they run after him and greet him excitedly.

Michael, 32, is a single of father of two children – a 3-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter. His own daughter is a Plan International sponsored child, and Michael says he is grateful for the support his community receives through sponsorship. He can look around and see how things have changed. There are now more latrines and water points in his village. Teachers, parents and children themselves have learned more about child rights.

When Michael delivers mail, he sometimes reads letters out loud to younger children and helps them write back to their sponsors. These moments are a real joy to share and can gather families or even bring large groups cheerily together!

Michael is proud to work with Plan International, and he is always educating parents about sponsorship and how it can empower children and communities to stand up for their rights.

“I am a Plan International champion,” he says with a smile.

Children looking at holiday cards

These smiles say it all – your kind words bring joy to children!

Sending joy by mail

When you opt to send postcards, letters and fun, educational activities we create and share on your behalf, you delight your sponsored child while learning more about them and seeing firsthand the impact you’re making in their life and their community. Best of all, you show them someone is thinking of them and cares for their wellbeing, truly helping to encourage and uplift them to reach their full potential!

Writing to your sponsored child is easy. Just send your letter by email to Plan International Canada at or by post to:

Plan International Canada

245 Eglinton Ave East, Suite 300

Toronto, Ontario

M4P 0B3

Please remember to include your Donor ID and Sponsored Child Number on the letter.

With MyPlan, you can write to your sponsored child using our online letter tool, or even send personal e-cards.