Meet Halima: A survivor, mother and inspiration

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Halima’s a survivor. Born and raised in Sudan, she survived her country’s civil war in the 90’s, and escaped the ongoing conflict in South Sudan that erupted in December 2013.

Now living in a refugee camp in Uganda with her three children, and thousands of other South Sudanese people, she’s a volunteer teacher at a Plan International-supported early childhood care and development centre, where she’s a welcomed ray of hope!

A woman in a group of childrenOvercoming challenges to help others

When violence broke out in her village, Halima and her children hid in an abandoned latrine until the sounds of gunfire faded. Unfortunately, like many other families fleeing the violence for safety in Uganda, her family was split apart and she hasn’t seen or heard from her husband since their escape.

Despite the challenges and struggles Halima’s faced, she remains positive and determined to help her children, and the other children in the camp, feel loved, supported and safe.

“My love for children comes from the struggle they are going through,” shared Halima. “I want to ensure that the children – some of whom do not have both parents – can still enjoy early childhood education like other children do in normal environments.”

Her talent in teaching has helped her rise to become head teacher at the centre, and she was recently recognized as a finalist for the Plan International Global Award for Volunteer of the Year.

The power of education

With an estimated 170,000 South Sudanese refugees living in camps across northern Uganda alone, Plan International is working in many refugee camps to protect children’s rights, including their right to an education. Education is a powerful tool to help children cope and recover, and it ensures children affected by conflict do not lose out on their futures.

Halima strongly believes in the power of education, and plays an invaluable role in the growth and development of the children at the centre.

“I go every day to teach them. They will be great children in the future. When we go back, they may be the very children who will change South Sudan’s life,” shared Halima.

We wholeheartedly agree with Halima and will continue our work to empower caring and passionate people like her to lead change and inspire children to unleash their power and potential.

Watch as Halima shares her story

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No matter where a child is born or where they live, education is their right. Today, too many children are being denied this right.

Halima’s playing a critical role in keeping refugee children educated, happy and safe. You have the power to do the same! Donate today to help send 1,000 South Sudanese refugee children living in Uganda to school.

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