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Desiree Buitenbos


Meet 17 girls who will be stepping into their dream jobs on International Day of the Girl

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

To mark this year’s International Day of the Girl, 500 girls around the world will be stepping into their dream jobs to prove that #GirlsBelongHere – which is anywhere they choose and aspire to be!

In Canada, girls from coast to coast will take on a variety of roles for a day, such as lawyer, CEO, politician, journalist and much more. By taking on these leadership positions and engaging in spaces where females are traditionally underrepresented, these girls are helping to bridge the “dream gap” – a combination of barriers, such as harmful gender stereotypes and discrimination – which can limit a girl’s right to reach her full potential.

Meet this year’s empowered girls who are determined to set an inspiring precedent and make their voices heard on October 11!

Together, these girls will show Canada (and the world too) that #GirlsBelongHere and we’re excited see what amazing precedents they will set to shape the future for girls everywhere!

Lead your own #GirlsBelongHere experience

Do you believe #GirlsBelongHere? Want to get involved?

Check out our online toolkit filled with tips to help you sit in your dream job for the day and lead your own #GirlsBelongHere experience.