Marathon Lake Ontario swim to support Because I am a Girl!

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nicoleMost of us are content to dangle our toes into the water when we head to the beach. But this summer, five Because I am a Girl supporters are taking an epic plunge for the girl issue.

Meet Nicole Mallette, who is preparing to swim the length of Lake Ontario this summer alongside her teammates! That’s a full 305.2 kilometer swim!

Tell me about your epic Lake Ontario swim coming up this summer!

Our amazing swim this summer is one that has never been done! It’s not the traditional Lake Ontario Crossing from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Marilyn Bell Park Toronto, which is approximately 50.2 km. We’re swimming the length of Lake Ontario, starting in Kingston and ending in Burlington. That’s a 305.2 km swim!

It will take us approximately 5+ days to complete and it will be swam in a relay style by 5 amazing ladies. Four of us are successful Lake Ontario crossers, and one young lady is a successful English Channel Swimmer.

photo at plan canada in t.o.Who else is swimming with you?

The ladies of our team are:  Colleen Shields (61), Nicole Mallette (myself at 47), Samantha Whiteside (23), Rebekah Boscariol (19) and Mona Sharari (18).

What made you take on such a huge challenge?

Well, to be honest, over the years there have been a few swimmers that have thought of this swim, but nobody took the bull by the horns and went forward with the idea. So we did! We went through all the logistics first to see if it was even possible. When we realized it was possible (after many long meetings and confirming logistics), we just went for it!

The question is not why, but why not?

What made you decide to support Because I am a Girl?

marathon swim

There was no real discussion of what charity we wanted to support. We are all strong individual women who have been given the opportunity to take on challenges and passions for what we love to do. We realize many young girls do not have that opportunity or support, so with our passion for swimming and our commitment to empowering young ladies everywhere, it was a no-brainer!  We are all very passionate about the Because I am a Girl movement and we can use our talents and our commitment to a worthy cause. We CAN make the IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE!

As the motto of Because I am a Girl says, it only takes one girl to change the world…well then five ladies should be able to make a huge splash this summer 2013!

marathon swim coldWhat is the toughest part of your marathon goal?

The toughest part of our marathon goal is two-fold. First of all, we want to get all our communities engaged with our swim and to understand that although it is a marathon swim never done before, it is about the cause we are doing it for that counts!

And for us as a team and individually, our toughest part of the marathon swim will be dealing with exhaustion, maintaining hydration and nutrition, muscle cramping, maintaining body temperature, and dealing with the mental side of things.

Oh, and of course the weather and water temperatures of Lake Ontario!

How can people support you in your swim?

Supporters and well-wishers can reach us on our website or Facebook page!

The team has a goal of raising $300,000 – that’s $1,000 for every kilometer! Help these amazing water-ladies reach their fundraising goal!

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