Like mother, like daughter: Meet Juliet and Priscilla

There are few bonds as strong as that of a mother and her daughter.

Aside from providing care, support and love, mothers can also be important role models to their daughters, and 8-year-old Priscilla from Ghana knows this all too well.

In fact, one of her favourite things to do is pretend to be her mother, Juliet.

“I gather empty tins and pretend the sand is rice for cooking, then I plug some leaves in to the waters and again pretend it is soup or stew as a game,” she happily tells us.

Priscilla and Juliet-edit

Juliet, and her daughter, Priscilla.

It’s not uncommon for young children to mimic their parents’ behavior, and in Priscilla’s case, it’s teaching her all sorts of positive lessons about staying healthy and practicing good hygiene.

Mother knows best

Since Plan International Canada began working in Priscilla and Juliet’s community, a lot has changed. Families now have access to clean water, education, improved livelihoods, and they’re learning more about the importance of health and sanitation.

“Parents now ensure their children are in school and visit the clinic if they get sick. The rights of children are being upheld and clean practices are being observed by many households,” says Juliet.

“We’re now in the habit of keeping our environment clean to prevent sickness. We cover our food, and have stopped unhygienic practices” – something Priscilla has obviously been picking up on.


“I always cover my food and wash my hands before and after eating to prevent germs from entering my stomach to cause sickness,” says Priscilla.

“Our health has greatly improved,” adds Juliet, with a smile.

A mother’s love for her daughter’s education

Thanks to all the progress being made possible by your incredible support, Juliet is dreaming of a brighter future – one where Priscilla (and her siblings too!) will have every opportunity to learn, lead and thrive.

“My dream is to work very hard and earn more money to send my children to school so they can achieve their dreams,” Juliet says.

“It is our hope that our children will progress, and that we have strength and long lives to support them to complete school, go to the next level of training then get good jobs.”

And of course, if Juliet’s excited for the future and passionate about education then Priscilla must be too.

“I want to be a teacher and help all children get an education,” Priscilla tells us with determination. “I want to change attitudes. I will teach parents to help their children grow well so they can develop our community when they grow up.”

“Girls can become doctors, lawyers, and even presidents if we study hard at school.”

Juliet, Priscilla and family

A family with lots to look forward to: Juliet, her husband – Simon – and their children.

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