Laying the foundation for dreams: Fathers and sons share their hopes for the future

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

When families lack access to the bare essentials of life, it can be difficult to imagine better days ahead.

But when you remove the barriers to progress, and forge the path to empowerment by providing food security, clean water, education, and healthcare, a beautiful thing happens: people start dreaming.

In Volta, Ghana, where hundreds of families are benefitting from our Community Sponsorship program, fathers and their sons have been busy dreaming, and together they are envisioning a future filled with opportunities and optimism.

Joseph and Senyo – dreaming of prosperity

Senyo and Joseph“My dream for my children is to see all of them go to school, complete successfully and continue to the next level,” says Joseph, a farmer and fisherman who hopes that microfinance incentives like the local Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) will improve his family’s quality of life by providing additional income.

Like father, like son; 13-year-old Senyo also hopes to generate a steady income, enabling him to provide for his loved ones. “I want to be a Bank Manager when I grow up,” he says. “I hope to become rich to take care of my family.”

Felix and Eric – dreaming of education

Felix and Eric“My dream is to drive a car” says 8-year old Eric “I want to be a teacher and teach other children”.

For Felix, Eric’s father, Community Sponsorship has brought him peace of mind. He no longer worries about his children getting sick from poor sanitary conditions, and thanks to the construction of a new school, he is looking forward to watching his children grow and prosper through affordable and accessible education.

“My dream for my family and children is a very positive one because committing my resources to their education and welfare will bring success to them, and to the family.” He says, adding that VSLA will enable him to continue growing his business.

Ben and Michael – dreaming of livelihood

Micheal and Ben“When I grow up I want to be a pilot and earn more money to enable me to take care of my parents,” says 9-year-old Michael. “My dream for the future is to bring development to my community and also that all children go school.”

Like his son, Ben also has his eyes set on the skies. “My hopes and dreams for my family and children is to work very hard, earn some money to send them to school and take care of their needs to prevent them from becoming unsuccessful due to poverty” he says.

Leward and Godsway – dreaming of health

Leward and Godsway“My dream for my family and children is that I will be able to support their education and welfare,” says Leward, adding that Plan International has helped give him the knowledge and tools necessary to keep his family healthy.

“Before Plan International started working in my community, life was very difficult.” He says, “My children were not going to school regularly due to financial difficulties. If they were sick I found it difficult to transport them to the hospital.”

But all this has changed. His 14-year-old son Godsway has been inspired by the progress he sees all around, and now dreams of making a difference in the lives of others.

“What I want to do when I grow up is to be a medical doctor so that I can treat sick people and save lives.” Says Godsway “My dream for the future is to work hard, open my own clinic and take care of the sick and needy in society.”

Dreaming truly is believing

Thanks to your support, these fathers and sons believe in a future filled with promise – and there are many more just like them!

Since 2012, Plan International Canada has made a difference in the lives of thousands in Volta, Ghana by helping them develop the tools and learn the skills to thrive and become self-sufficient.

If you want to help communities gain access to basic infrastructure and social services, then support our Community Sponsorship program and help transform lives forever.

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