In Photos: “Love Yourself” art project empowers girls in Peru

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Adolescence can be a difficult time for teens as they try to understand their physical and emotional growth and transition from being a child to a grown-up. Issues of independence and self-identity arise and teens face countless tough choices that help shape the person they grow up to be.

Though teens of all gender identities face self-esteem challenges, girls are more likely to be unhappy with their appearance. Though this is the case for teens around the world, we’d like to share an innovative, art project that was implemented in Peru.

The “Love Yourself” art therapy project catered to girls aged 15-18 years and helped them reflect on their lives, recognize their potential, and learn more about their rights through painting, music and other forms of creative self-expression.

Here’s what 5 girls had to say about the project and what they learned about themselves:

“During the sessions I had time to think more about myself and to imagine how I want my future to be,” says 16-year-old Talita. “It has been a therapy for all of us, because we have learnt to beat our fears of speaking in public, for example, which is important in order to make our voices heard in school and our communities.”

“Follow your dreams, despite the obstacles,” says 15-year-old Ana Maria. “I have learnt a lot about myself, what I like and what I don’t, how my personality is and what my strengths and weaknesses are.”

“When I heard about this project I knew I had to join because there is so much about me that I wanted to express,” says 16-year-old Sharon. “I have more confidence in myself and I learnt that every person in the world is unique, we just have to discover our talent.”

“The project is spectacular. I really liked the music and sound session because I got to speak my mind and be funny. I got to be myself when doing theatre. Now I know more about myself,” says 15-year-old Mary Cielo. “What I am and what I have is valuable.”

Girl in green jacket posing outside

“It’s a great experience, I get to socialize with the other girls and I experience things I haven’t before,” explains 14-year-old Leonela. “For example, I got to do music and explore sound, and I really liked it because it gave me more confidence when speaking in public. I was very shy before!”


Through this project, girls are bolstering their confidence, and discovering their true potential to learn, lead, decide and thrive!

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