How these 2 young women became the empowered leaders they are today!

When girls are educated, healthy and empowered, they can create a brighter future for themselves and everyone around them! Plan’s Child Sponsorship program is unleashing the potential of girls in developing countries around the world.

Through Child Sponsorship, girls gain an education, access to healthcare, clean water, protection, and other resources and opportunities that help them grow up to become empowered women, like Luana from Brazil and Trang from Vietnam!

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Trang, 25 – Giving back in Vietnam

A young woman smiling.From a small farming village in northern Vietnam, Trang’s parents didn’t have a stable income to support her education. However, the support of Trang’s sponsor helped ensure she was able to successfully complete primary and secondary school! With a determination to learn, Trang even went on to medical school afterwards.

When Trang graduated, she wanted to find a way to give back to her community. She started working at the local health centre, and became a leader within her district! Today, she creates public health communications materials – playing a key role in raising awareness about maternal health, sexual reproductive health and children’s health.

“I love my job,” shared Trang. “I can help locals, the community and make a contribution to my hometown. This has been a dream since I was a kid.”

Not only has Child Sponsorship helped Trang realize her dream, she also sees the impact it has had on her neighbours and community as a whole. Children can learn to their fullest in schools equipped with desks, chairs and other educational essentials, and families can access healthcare close to home at a spacious health centre.

“Lives have become better.”

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Luana, 18 – Continuing her educational journey in Brazil

A young woman writing in a notebook.Growing up in a rural area of Brazil was challenging for girls like Luana – access to important necessities –  like clean water – was 6 km away, and education was undervalued, with many children and youth dropping out of school to support their families.

But, when Luana was 7-years-old, Plan started working in her community and she became a sponsored child. Through the support of her sponsor and Plan, Luana began seeing changes in her community, and herself. Children no longer walked long distances to fetch clean water, and she discovered a love for education and passion for story-telling.

“I am very curious, I like to ask questions and be well-informed,” shared Luana.

Today, 18-year-old Luana continues to pursue her education with the goal of becoming a journalist to tell the life stories and experiences of people from her community. She’s also gaining vocational skills with Plan’s support, learning sustainable farming practices and spreading her knowledge to other farmers in the area.

Change a girl’s life today

Give a girl a chance to reach her full potential and become an empowered woman, like Luana and Trang! You can help provide a girl with access to essentials like education, healthcare, clean water, and a world of opportunity. Sponsor a girl today!