How Gifts of Hope are transforming lives around the world!

Gifts of Hope are real gifts to real projects that change real lives.Girl holding baby goat

And don’t just take our word for it – ask the thousands of families and children who have benefitted thanks to the generous support of Canadians like YOU!

Together, we’ve helped families put food on tables, enabled girls to attend school, and empowered those in need to create a brighter, more sustainable future for themselves, and for many generations to come.

Now, see just a few of the other innovative and life-changing ways Gifts of Hope has made a difference for children, their families and their communities:

Embracing all abilities in Kenya

Education is every child’s right, and yet 124 million of children are not in school – many of them are children with disabilities.

Group of children and teachers smiling

Members of a Safe School Club gather with teachers and Plan International staff.

With a gift to help children with disabilities, Canadians provided over 50 schools in Kenya with training to create a safer, more inclusive environment for all. Children received opportunities to learn more about their rights and were given a platform to voice their honest opinions to peers and teachers.

In addition, over 100 children with a disability were encouraged to participate in school clubs and events, receiving support services – like interpreters, chaperones or transportation – that made room for everyone to join in and have fun!

Tapping potential in Tanzania

In Tanzania, less than 25% of the population has access to proper sanitation, and almost 2/3 of all health clinics lack a regular water supply. In fact, many schools don’t have functioning hand washing facilities and there is often only one latrine per 200 students – or worse, no latrines at all!Children celebrating the arrival of clean water

But thanks to the gift of water and sanitation for communities, fresh chances are flowing out to thousands in need, and through this gift, you’ve helped us achieve the following:

  • Nearly 250, 000 people can now practice safe hand washing to prevent disease
  • 36, 800 people have access to improved latrines
  • 3,900+ people received training in sanitation and hygiene
  • Held 5+ events to teach proper hygiene practices

Goats on boats in Indonesia

In Indonesia, over 1,000 locally sourced goats were delivered to vulnerable families in remote island communities, where their milk will improve nutrition for children and boost income for families! Am-a-a-a-zing!Goats on a boat

Thank you for spreading hope!

Today, Gifts of Hope continue to transform the lives of children and families from some of the poorest countries in the world – empowering them with the best gift of all: a promising tomorrow.

If you want to warm the hearts of friends and family this holiday season, then give them a Gift of Hope and help change lives today!

Give a Gift of Hope!