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Kate Jongbloed

How Children in Plan Communities Are Fighting for the Environment

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Kate Jongbloed

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Are you an environmental crusader? So are the children living in Plan’s communities around the world! They’re fighting for clean water and a healthier environment.

Planting the future: School kids in Bertoni, Paraguay, are part of a community-wide reforestation project. By planting trees, the kids are helping to promote and preserve the area’s natural resources for future generations!

Keeping watch: When tropical storms hit the area around Libertad Elementary School in the Philippines, they often bring  landslides and floods. Students are taking action to protect themselves and their teachers by measuring and recording rainfall levels near the school twice a day. If they find more than 80mm of rainfall, they’ll sound the alert and evacuate the school. Being able to read the warning signs and having a disaster preparedness plan helps keep them and their classmates safe.


Water worth drinking: Knowing that bacteria in water is a major cause of sick days and even death, children at Nyabera School in Kisumu, Kenya are taking action to make sure they’ve got clean water to drink. The method, called SODIS, is simple and good for the environment – it’s all about recycling and uses only the sun’s rays for energy! First, water is put into bottles and then it is left out in the sun for 6 hours. The sun’s UV radiation kills the bacteria and makes it safe to drink.

Filming change: With Plan’s support, children in Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines used video to examine the impact of climate change on their communities. Check out their work!

Does your school or work participate in any environmental initiatives? We want to hear about them!