How Canadians helped Then’s family end the cycle of poverty

In 2010, Plan International Canada began working to change lives in Hoang Su Phi, Vietnam, where many families were struggling with poverty, and children’s rights to education, health and sanitation were not being met.

Along the way, we met a man named Then, his wife – Nhinh – and their two children who were facing a future filled with uncertainty. At the time, the family was living with Then’s parents and were barely making ends meet.

Then and family in 2012

Like many families in their community, Then and Nhinh dreamed of earning a steady income, providing for their children, and owning a stable home where they could grow crops and raise livestock.

With a little support from Canadian donors and a lot of hard work, Then and his family set out on their transformational journey from poverty to progress.

The building blocks for a brighter future

Your commitment provided Then with an opportunity to make a small investment in livestock (2 goats and 1 pig).

This investment, along with income from jewelry-making, further enabled the family to buy a cow and some chickens too.

In 2012, Then happily told us: “We will have enough food for three meals a day.”Then feeding his children

In 2013, their cow gave birth to a calf and their pig herd expanded to include 3 sows and 15 piglets, providing the family with more hope and more income opportunities.

Eager to support this family’s blossoming future, we provided training programs to improve their skills in agriculture and livestock ownership.Nhinh taking care of a cow

“From these courses,” says Nhinh, “we have learned essential techniques for planting and growing crops and breeding and caring for our animals.”

Eventually, the family was able to make a long-time dream come true – they were finally able to build their own home!

Fast forward to today

Today, Then and his family continue to earn a steady income from jewelry-making and farming, and both his children are in school – where they belong!Then and his family in 2014

“My family’s economic situation has increased much,” says Then. “I take good care of my children so that they can grow up in good physical and mental health.”

In short, everyone is happy, healthy and thriving! They now have the skills and tools needed to see to the continued success of their own and their community’s development!

See how far a community can come

Thanks to you, families like Then and Nhinh’s made huge accomplishments and gains towards breaking the cycle of poverty and beginning a cycle of progress.

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