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Desiree Buitenbos

How baby chicks are breaking open brighter futures in El Salvador

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A small gift can spark big change.

If you don’t believe us, then just ask the 1,700 families in El Salvador who are benefitting after receiving nearly 25,000 baby chicks through Gifts of Hope.

The gift of small yet mighty baby chicks is providing vulnerable families in some of the poorest regions of El Salvador with new avenues for income generation, and a way to combat malnutrition in a country where 14% of children suffer from stunted growth.

Thanks to the support of Canadians like you, families are receiving training in everything from setting up a chicken coop to feeding to administering vaccinations, and within the first 6 months of this project alone, baby chicks grew into egg-laying hens that have produced over 200,000 eggs!

See how these eggs are now hatching hope and optimism for everyone in the community:

Egg-citing new possibilities for female entrepreneurs

With the help of baby chicks through Plan International Canada’s Gifts of Hope, not only are children and families in El Salvador nourished, but women have been empowered to challenge gender stereotypes in their communities through female entrepreneurship.

These women are learning important business skills, gaining financial independence and developing newfound confidence. They’re also passing on their knowledge, and helping other families achieve the same success!

Miss Elva with her hens

Miss Elva surrounded by her hens

“Before, one of my worries used to be: ‘what are we going to eat today?’ But now on my farm, there are eggs and when I sell some, I get income,” says Miss Elva, a single mother with 2 granddaughters to feed.

“It is a gift that we now have this farm that is producing eggs to eat, and the families in the community come to see us and buy from us.”

And Magdalena, another local mother, couldn’t agree more.

“I tell my neighbours all that we have been taught so that they learn these things as well,” she says, adding that she too plans to profit from her growing chicks.

“Now it depends on us to take care of the chickens,” she says. “We are very grateful and very happy.”Flor holding eggs

Thank you for changing lives with Gifts of Hope

Canadians’ support of Gifts of Hope is enabling children and families in El Salvador to thrive, succeed, and envision a brighter future now – and for generations to come!

If you’re looking for a way to spark positive and long-lasting change this holiday season, look no further than Gifts of Hope.

Our gifts help uplift entire communities, empower girls and women, and enable children to access crucial rights like education, sanitation, healthcare and protection.

Give a Gift of Hope today!