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Kate Jongbloed

Host a movie screening of Girl Rising!

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Kate Jongbloed

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Are you feeling withdrawal after the excitement of the Oscars and the Golden Globes? Why not check out Girl Rising?

Girl Rising is a groundbreaking feature film about the power of girls’ education to change the world. It tells the stories of 9 extraordinary girls from 9 countries, narrated by 9 renowned actresses, including Meryl Streep, Kerry Washington, Alicia Keys, and Selena Gomez.

Plan hosted the 10×10 film team and director Richard Robbins (an Academy Award nominee!) in Egypt, BangladeshPeruHaitiEthiopia, and Sierra Leone, where they filmed girls involved in Because I am a Girl projects.

Showing in a theatre near YOU!

Girl Rising opens in theatres on March 7th!

Can’t find a showing of Girl Rising in your city? It’s in your power to request a screening at your local movie theatre!

10×10 has partnered with Gathr, a new web-based service that enables people to request screenings of movies that aren’t playing at a theatre close by.

Sign up to be a Movie Captain, and then get enough people to reserve tickets. Here’s how:

1. Click here, and put the name of your city into the Gathr app.

2. If there are no screenings nearby, click “request a new screening”.

3. Fill in your details and wait until you’re approved as a Movie Captain. You’ll get a personalized screening webpage to send to all your friends!

4. Promote the screening to your friends, family, school, work, and community. Once enough people reserve tickets, Gathr works with a local theatre to set up a screening.

5. Keep up the momentum and work with the theatre to get ready for the big day. You could even turn the event into a fundraiser or invite speakers to present before or after the film.

6. Settle in with a big bag of popcorn and be inspired by the stories of girls around the world in Girl Rising.

Check out more tips and tricks to make your screening a huge success! You can also bring Girl Rising to your school.

Watch Girl Rising. Let their stories change you; because the girl revolution can’t be stopped!