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Guest blogger

Hey Readers! I’m Torey

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Guest blogger

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Hey readers! My name is Torey and I take the pictures around here!  I am often asked,  “What is it like to be a guy working on the Because I am a Girl campaign and documentary?”  The truth is that I love it!  I am super stoked to be heading across the country to hear what you have to say and to capture it all on camera.

The thing about the Plan Canada’s Because I am A Girl campaign is that not only does it strive to benefit young women around the world, but it also strives to benefit the world by focusing on young women.   If we can get the world to concentrate on investing in girls and young women, it has been proven that families, communities, and entire nations can be lifted out of poverty!  By creating a generation of empowered women, mothers, workers and leaders, we can start a chain reaction that aims to improve the lives of not only women, but also everyone around them.

That is why this is a great campaign, that is why we are coming to a city near you, and that is why you should take part in the campaign! Visit us in one of our city stops, or contribute online by uploading a video of yourself!

More too come soon,