Giving Tuesday: 4 things you need to know

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Giving Tuesday is celebrated every year after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But what exactly is Giving Tuesday? And why does it matter?  

There are many reasons to care about what Giving Tuesday represents and why it’s important to dedicate a day to giving back after a frenzy of sales and consumption. 

Here’s 4 things you need to know:

1. What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday kicks off the holiday giving season by encouraging people, communities and corporations to volunteer or donate to a cause close to their hearts.  

In other words, it’s the pay-it-forward counterpoint to the bargains, deals and material consumption that takes place on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The day invites us to think beyond ourselves and make a difference.  

There is no “right” way to participate, just make sure whatever you are doing supports generosity and giving. Anyone can donate, volunteer time, help a neighbour, or spread the word on social.

In 2019, millions of Canadians participated in Giving Tuesday, donating a whopping $22 million in a 24-hour period.   

2. When is Giving Tuesday?

This year, Giving Tuesday is on Dec 1, 2020. A major focus of this year’s event will be on helping vulnerable communities who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Giving Tuesday typically occurs on the Tuesday after Black Friday (which occurs on the day after Thanksgiving in the United States).  

3. Why should you support Giving Tuesday?

There are so many reasons to partake. Here’s why we look forward to it:  

  • No matter what you give, it will have a positive impact and help others in need. This event truly shows how small actions can make a huge difference.  
  • You’re participating in a global movement for good. Every year, people across the globe come together to support causes and help make the world a better place. This united action is something truly special as it involves charitable organizations, governments, corporations, individuals and entire communities rallying together.  
  • Giving not only increases happiness, but also showing generosity towards others is an inspiring gesture that can be contagious. Kindness encourages others to think about the holiday season as a time for spreading hope and joy rather than a time of commercialism.  

4. How can you help?

With many people in need around the world, there are many possibilities to take action and help others on Dec 1.

Graphic of plate of food with text" Giving Tuesday Give the Gift of Food"

We’re focusing our efforts on helping those who are hungry by delivering food baskets packed with nutritious items like rice, oil, beans and other lifesaving staples to children and families in Myanmar and Cameroon. These countries have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and are in crucial need of food assistance.  

Our goal is to send 3000 food baskets and you can be part of this meaningful effort to help children and families stay nourished by donating a food basket today.  

Learn more about giving the gift of food