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Kate Jongbloed

Girls attend Because I am a Girl International Women’s Day event

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Kate Jongbloed

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This International Women’s Day Because I am a Girl and the Toronto District School Board got together to host a special event for 350 girls.

The day was all about breaking down barriers to a girl’s full potential. We covered topics from body image to self-esteem to global girls’ issues. Girls even got to Skype with girls from around the world to learn about life for girls in different countries.

Check out some photos and quotes from the big day!

Ara, 13: “It was amazing to see all the positive energy in the room. It’s been motivating and inspiring. It makes you think; you can see things from a different perspective. Just to see how all the girls in Toronto like me, think different. Its made me want to pursue this cause.”

Zoe: “I was most inspired by the Skype conversations with the girls. It made me think, there are people out there that don’t have a voice in their own country. I never knew how lucky I am to live in Canada and to have an education. I want to help out, and help girls get their right to an education and to be treated equally.”

Jeniza, 13: “I learnt that beauty isn’t what is on the outside, it’s what’s inside.”

Heather, 13: “I found today really inspirational. I learned how girls are treated. Even though they have risks, they still wanted to make a difference. Women everywhere are trying to make a difference. I feel safe, and I’ve never thought about the dangers.”

What did YOU do to celebrate International Women’s Day?