Holiday gift guide: 8 affordable gifts that give back

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Reading Time: 4 minutes

It’s that time of the year again. Jingle Bells is blaring on the radio, the scent of gingerbread and balsam fir is wafting through the air…and you’re stressing about buying the perfect gifts for friends and family.

But instead of socks, pyjamas or candles, why not give a gift that defies normal gift giving conventions and taps into the true spirit of the holiday season?

With Gifts of Hope, your gifts go specifically to one of Plan International Canada’s projects in the communities where we work – fueling lasting impact, unleashing potential and changing real lives around the world!

So, if you’re looking to find meaningful gifts for those special people in your life, then look no further. Here are 8 affordable gifts that give back this holiday season:

1.BED NET | $10

It’s deadly, it kills more than 450,000 children every year and it’s entirely preventable: it’s malaria. This gift is a simple solution designed to stop a killer in its tracks. Mosquito bed nets are treated with insecticide and last up to three years. With a focus on malaria prevention, this gift provides bed nets to families and training in how to use them. Help protect children in developing countries, where malaria infections threaten lives year round.

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2. BABY CHICKS | $17

This gift is irresistibly sweet and undeniably life-changing. Once the chicks mature, they can help feed a family with their nutritious eggs, provide an income for women, and teach girls important poultry management skills to crack open a brighter, better and bigger future.

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3. School essentials for one child | $18

Fill schools in developing countries with all the essentials to give students the best possible education and the best possible start to a better life. With this gift, you’ll not only be helping provide basics such as textbooks and pencils, you’ll be funding essential school meal programs and teacher training.

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4. Medicine for moms and babies | $20

Every year, in many parts of the world, far too many moms and babies die of preventable causes. This gift will save lives by providing malaria medications, antibiotics and other important medicines, as well as supplies such as stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs and delivery tables. Give moms and their babies the gift of health and hope for a thriving life together.

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5. birth CERTIFICATE | $25

Thai girl holds up her birth certificate

A birth certificate is an open door, a bridge, and a shield. It provides access to essential human rights, and bestows an identity, the ability to vote and a say in shaping the world. Particularly for girls, it offers special protection against the perils of child marriage, child trafficking and forced or exploitative labour. Every year, 51 million babies are not registered at birth. Child by child, girl by girl, this gift is changing that.

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6. Buzzing bees | $35

You better bee-lieve it! The small yet mighty bee can open up the doors of income and opportunity for families struggling with poverty, enabling them to make ends meet and provide for their children. This sweet gift includes everything from a hive to honeybees, training, and all the essentials for pollinating a buzzing family business.

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7. FOOD BASKET | $50

Filled with staples like beans, cooking oil, fortified cereal blends and sugar, it’s a basic food basket with an impact that is anything but. This gift of food for thousands of pregnant women, mothers and young children under five who are malnourished is a critical step to prevent a slide into a life-and-death situation and instead restore children to health. Basket by basket, you’ll be saving lives.

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*Splurge gift*

Girls in many parts of the world have the desire to continue their studies, but not the means. This gift supplies that part of the equation. It provides girls in developing countries with the support they need to carry on with their schooling. This in turn gives them choices about a future that doesn’t only include marriage and motherhood. It gives them the choice to do just about anything. Which in turn, helps their parents, their brothers, their sisters, their communities – everyone – see that girls really can do anything they set their minds to, if only they have the chance.

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