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Desiree Buitenbos

7 gifts for minimalists that help make the world a better place

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Gifts for minimalists can be tough to find because you’re shopping for someone who doesn’t believe in material excess or waste. If you have a minimalist in your life, then you’re probably asking yourself: what do I get someone who wants for nothing?   

Well, do not fear because shopping for a minimalist is not mission impossible as we’re here to offer up minimalist gift ideas that combat climate change, empower women, tackle poverty and help children access essentials like education and health.  

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Gifts for minimalists who care about the environment

Does the minimalist in your life care deeply about environmental issues and how climate change is impacting countries around the world?  Then consider: 

1. Climate protection for Families 

This gift supports families to adapt and protect themselves and their livelihoods against climate crises like droughts and floods. You’ll help farmers access tools and techniques to ensure food is on families’ tables and in local markets. This gift also helps women and girls learn green business skills to get ahead. 

Girl smiling in patch of lettuce in community garden 

2. Plant a community garden   

Increase communities’ food availability and families’ incomes – even during the toughest of seasons – by establishing and equipping resilient vegetable nurseries and greenhouses in regions with poor growing conditions affected by climate issues. Plus, these gardens double as hubs for community trainings to learn and sow a thriving future together. 

prevent the spread of COVID-19 in vulnerable communities

Every year, we work to address pressing and urgent issues in the communities where we work. In 2020, COVID-19 is top of mind and we’re working to ensure vulnerable communities have the resources they need to stay safe and prevent the spread of the virus.  

3. COVID-19 kits  

This gift is packed with basic essentials like hand soap, hand sanitizer, wipes, temperature sensors and masks. These kits will be distributed in especially dangerous circumstances like displaced settlements where resources are scarce, and communities are densely populated – ensuring children and families can stay safe and healthy when isolation isn’t an option and health services are largely unavailable. 

For those who are passionate about girls’ and women’s rights

You can find gifts for minimalists that address gender equality and help girls and women exercise their rights to education, healthcare, economic independence and so much more.  

4. Empower girls in Canada  

This gift opens doors for girls in Canada facing unique challenges, while engaging boys and men to redefine gender norms and advocate for equality. It funds workshops and inclusive sports clubs to develop knowledge, skills and confidence; extends seats at major conferences, so girls can make their voices heard; and carves space for mentorship in diverse fields, proving girls belong wherever they choose. 

Diverse group of Canadian girls smiling during a conference 

5. Literacy training for 2 women  

What if your life depended on this phrase: Khajc jklc aslkjp akhcbp. Can’t make sense of it? That’s what life is like for the millions of illiterate women in the world. But this gift of literacy, including financial literacy, is helping the world make sense for thousands of women in developing countries. Help teach women basic reading and financial skills, like how to grow their savings, giving them the power to write a better future for themselves and their children. 

Gifts that help children and families thrive

These are simple gifts that can life changing consequences for children and families, helping them exercise fundamental human rights and overcoming the challenges of living in poverty.  

6. Birth Certificate  

A birth certificate is an open door, a bridge, and a shield. It provides access to essential human rights, and bestows an identity, the ability to vote and a say in shaping the world. Particularly for girls, it offers special protection against the perils of child marriage, child trafficking and forced or exploitative labour. Every year, 51 million babies are not registered at birth. Child by child, girl by girl, this gift is changing that. 

Thai girl holds up her birth certificate

7. Goat  

It just might be the most unique gift you’ll give this year. It most certainly will be the most life-changing. Goat’s milk means important protein for growing children, especially girls. The sale of offspring means an income to pay for essentials – like an education – that open up opportunities for girls.

Shop minimalist gifts that give back

The average Canadian will spend $643 on holiday gifts this year, and the reality is that many of these gifts (and all the frills that come with them) will either end up collecting dust in a closet somewhere or be tossed out in the garbage.  

This holiday season think beyond candles, wine and socks and give a gift with meaning. By bringing tangible goods and vital services to those most in need around the world, you have the power to make a difference and create, lasting sustainable change. 

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