Even in crisis, Rohingya children find joy in unexpected toys

The holiday season is upon us and many children around the world are eagerly awaiting time off school, indulging in treats and best of all, receiving new toys. But close to 380,000 displaced Rohingya children currently living in camps in Cox’s Bazar are facing a very different reality.

Most of the children arrived with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Many of them have been severely affected by the perilous journey.

Yet despite all they have endured, they still find a way to be kids.

Rohingya children are crafting toys out of discarded items they’ve found around their camp, like plastic bag kites, balloons on a string and little cars on strings fashioned out of plastic bottles.

Because play time is the best time – and that feeling is universal.

  • Two boys sitting with kite
  • Photo of girl holding pink balloon toy
  • Children playing with kite
  • Plastic bottle toy
  • Homemade go-kart

Conditions in Cox’s Bazar are unsanitary and cramped, meaning that children are at risk of exposure to disease and the elements. But Plan International is on the ground working to ensure that children are safe and protected. Our work also includes finding and reuniting lost children with loved ones, in partnership with the Department of Social Services of Bangladesh.

Helping children thrive

All children have dreams for their futures and we strive to create an environment in which children can reach their full potential. That may seem like a bold ambition for the thousands of displaced Rohingya children, but we will not stop trying.

Plan International has already reached 60,000 people and is working to assist more than 250,000 Rohingya people with a particular focus on child protection, education and safe and sanitary access to showers and toilets.

Staff in the field have held community consultations, speaking with children themselves, to ensure we know exactly what they need and how best to help them.

You can help us reach more children by supporting our humanitarian assistance work. This holiday season; help protect Rohingya children so that they can worry about what truly matters – being kids.

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