Dedicated dad creates brighter future for his children

We want to tell you a story about an incredibly dedicated father named Leeward. He lives in Volta, Ghana and wants nothing more than to take care of his family and educate his children.

When we met Leeward, his family had been growing maize, cassava and pepper as their source of income. But crops were inconsistent and generated little in the way of an income.

In many of Volta’s remote villages, low agricultural yields are a norm and contribute to food insecurity and poor nutrition for children. Most families struggle to provide at least one meal a day for their children.

With the farm’s unpredictable yield, Leeward was hoping to get some funds to start pig farming closer to home. It would generate a more reliable income and better enable him to support his family. Thanks to Community Sponsorship, his dream has now become a reality!

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As a member of the Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA,) I was given training and formed the habit of saving money every week. I was encouraged to start a small piggery and was able to take a loan to support it,” he explains, with gratitude. “This would not have been possible before.

Filled with hope for the future

Your support is enabling fathers in Volta to build stronger communities and get ahead.

Leeward is one of 40 community members who are being educated on improved farming methods. In addition, these members are also trained in entrepreneurial and business skills.

Best of all, this devoted dad is proud to provide new opportunities for his children. His daughter Rose tells us, “My dad bought some exercise books for me to use at school!”

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Rose, Leeward’s daughter.

Now Leeward is setting his sights big with plans to expand his farm and increase its productivity.

I now have some savings to buy farm inputs to improve my crop yield this year. It is my hope that the farm grows to become very big so that I can earn more income to meet all my family’s needs, especially my children’s.

Leeward is now able to better provide for his family and if given the chance, other dads can too.

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