International Day of the Girl 2015: Celebrations around the world

Another International Day of the Girl has come and gone, and we’re feeling inspired and motivated by all of the support we’ve seen for girls’ rights across Canada, and around the world!

In its fourth year now, Day of the Girl continues to be an important celebration of the power and potential of girls everywhere, while also raising awareness about the barriers that prevent millions of girls from realizing their basic human rights.

See how the world came together to stand up for the rights of girls, and champion a brighter future for all!


Pledging support for girls’ rights because we are all =!

Three women holding their hands up with an equal sign drawn on their palms.

Anna Silk, actor and Plan Canada’s newest Celebrated Ambassador (left), joined us in spreading the word about the pledge for girls’ rights.

Every day, millions of girls are denied their right to education, healthcare, and protection, simply because they are girls. But, we believe we are ALL equal – girls, boys, men and women. So, we asked Canadians to join us in showing their support for gender equality by taking the pledge for girls’ rights. Thousands answered this call – many from outside Canada too – to take the pledge, stand up for girls’ rights and share selfies with an equal sign!

Our Celebrated Ambassadors, Anna Silk of Lost Girl and Sarah Rafferty of Suits joined in and helped us champion a brighter future for girls.

See the thousands of people who took the pledge in our online gallery, and if you haven’t taken the pledge yet, you still can! Take the pledge for girls’ rights and a #BrighterFuture for all.

Serving up equality

We hit the streets of Toronto in our very own “Order Up Equality” truck, where people could learn more about girls’ rights and Day of the Girl, and take the pledge right on the spot. We didn’t serve food, instead we served up equality!

Inspiring confidence


When girls are empowered, they can change the world for themselves and everyone around them! We believe this and we’re not the only ones – organizations like Dove Canada believe in the transformative power of girls too. Through their Self Esteem Project, they hope to reach 17 million young people globally with self-esteem education that will empower them with the confidence to realize their full potential! So, ahead of Day of the Girl, Dove hosted a workshop with Plan Canada and guests, like Megan Markle of Suits and the inspiring activist, Molly Burke, to share the progress made in their Self Esteem Project, and reveal new toolkits to equip mentors and youth leaders with the resources they need to inspire confidence in the youth in their lives!


Exploring the state of the world’s girls

Youth holding a poster.Youth advocates joined Plan International in launching the latest Because I am a Girl State of the World’s Girls Report, The Unfinished Business of Girls’ Rights, at an event attended by government representatives and even members of the United Nations Development Programme. 17-year-old Norah, a youth leader with Plan, spoke on behalf of girls across the country: “We are happy that the book is about the unfinished business of adolescent girls’ rights. Since our Government has a mandate to promote girls’ education and empowerment, we hereby call upon them to look at our situation and prioritize our human rights in their development plans and policies.” 


Highlighting the barriers and opportunities girls face

Plan International created a giant game of snakes and ladders to highlight the barriers, like child marriage, facing girls around the world, while emphasizing the life-changing impact that opportunities, like education, can have on their lives too. 


Inspiring words from the First Lady

A woman speaking into a mic.The First Lady of Timor-Leste, Isabel da Costa Ferreira joined Plan International at the Day of the Girl event, where she encouraged young girls to become the next generation of female leaders. 


Calling for an end to child marriage

Every year, approximately 15 million girls are married before the age of 18. Early, child and forced marriage is a violation of girls’ rights, so to take a stand against this, young women came together to call for change! 


Leading a youth take-over!

Youth sitting in a round conference room.Organized by Plan International, more than a hundred youth advocates from across Ecuador took over the National Assembly (the legislative branch of the country’s government) to highlight the barriers and challenges girls face on a daily basis. The young delegates also submitted a proposal to the Assembly to achieve greater gender equality in Ecuador!

How did you celebrate?

Tell us in the comments below, how did you celebrate Day of the Girl? And remember, the movement to champion girls’ rights and gender equality doesn’t stop when Day of the Girl ends! See how you can join us in standing up for girls’ rights all year around. Get involved today!