Community in Ghana reels in a big catch

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Emma Hamilton-Clark

For generations, the local lake in Volta, Ghana, has been a reliable source of livelihood for its community. But in recent years, the lake’s bountifulness has taken a turn for the worse. With dropping water levels and depleting fish stocks, the income and food security of many community members was in jeopardy.

Now, thanks to the Canadian support of our Community Sponsorship program, the tides are changing in Volta.

After engaging the community in a number of aquaculture trainings and activities, local groups were supported with the tools and skills to manage their own fish farming projects. In just 6 months they were able to catch more than 15,000 mature Tilapia fish!

After seeing that change is possible, the people of Volta have a fresh outlook on life. Lifeway, a devoted father of two, is just one of those people.

Staying afloat during difficult times

Not long ago, life was not easy for Lifeway and his family. His mother and son were sick, and Lifeway himself was struggling with a leg injury. As the medical bills came in, Lifeway was afraid that he would not be able to support his family.

But after participating in Community Sponsorship programs like the village savings and loan association (VSLA) and the aquaculture training, Lifeway was able to get back on his feet.

Lifeway stands with his two sons.

Lifeway and his two sons stand outside their home.


Not only was Lifeway able to access a small loan to cover his family’s hospital bills, he’s also gained the skills needed to earn a steady income. Today, Lifeway is confident in his ability to provide for his family.

“Thankfully, the challenges my family faced with illnesses are over now,” shares Lifeway. “The help I needed has been given through the projects brought by Community Sponsorship. And, with the experience I have gained as an aquaculture project leader, I am all ready to start my own business soon.”

A community that’s reeling in the benefits

Your support has not only impacted Lifeway and his family, but his entire community.

“Before the project, we never thought we could get fish again,” says Elias, a local father. “But Community Sponsorship is teaching us another way to continue. This is what is sustaining my family.”

Men sit in boats at the fish farm.

A group of participants hope to collect the catch of the day at the aquaculture site.


In partnership with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the Community Sponsorship program has helped:

  • Engage two groups of over 50 community members (aged 20 – 35) in a 5-day training on proper fish farming practices, for better cage management and sustainability
  • Train 65 youth (half male, half female) in entrepreneurial skills to boost business savvy and advise product development, pricing and recordkeeping
  • Provide each group with start-up materials like two 4-compartment cages that were constructed, installed and stocked with over 5,000 baby fish
  • Offer technical support like coaching, guidance and monitoring for up to 6 months following the launch to help ensure success.
A father and his two sons sit in their fishing canoe.

Father teaches his sons all about his newly acquired fishing skills.


“I participated in the aquaculture project, and change has occurred in both my finances and my meals!” says local mother, Juliet, who’s hopeful for the future. “The business trainings I received have made me feel very confident in myself. One day I will set up my own cages. Thank you!”

“We are very excited about the aquaculture project. Hopefully our fish business can now bounce back,” says Rejoice, a VSLA group leader. “This is a dream come true.”

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Building sustainable communities together

With the support of Canadians, the community of Volta, Ghana is building a brighter, more sustainable future for themselves. You too can be a part of creating lasting change! Become a Community Sponsor today and help families like Lifeway’s get back on their feet!

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