Coming full circle: how Child Sponsorship helped Laura thrive!

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

When you sponsor a child, you’re helping transform the lives of children, families and entire communities! This is the incredible power of YOUR support, and former sponsored child, Laura, knows it all too well.

2. Laura with Mother (School Uniform)

Laura stands with her mother.

As a young girl growing up in southern El Salvador, Laura’s community was one where many families struggled with poverty and where children’s rights to education, participation, and protection were not being upheld. But everything changed when Plan International began working to end the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future for all.

The value of a girl’s education

With the help of Child Sponsorship, Laura and many children just like her were able to attend school, and participate in meaningful training programs which inspired them to speak up for change and learn more about their rights.

“These ideas moved me deeply,” says Laura of our work to promote child rights and encourage youth participation. “This was very exciting time in my life.”

3. Laura with friends

Laura and classmates participated in clubs which enabled them to learn more about their rights

Through our child rights and gender equality programming, Laura blossomed into a confident girl who was ready to challenge the status quo in her community.

“I began to realize that girls had the right to aspire to professions other than teachers or secretaries – which were the only professions for women in my town” says Laura, adding that her aspiration to attend university was uncommon since many girls in her community did not even finish high school.

“Most girls did not go beyond 9th grade” she says. “Fortunately for me, Plan International came into my life at a crucial moment by awarding me a scholarship to complete my high school education. Our family was quite poor and couldn’t have completely financed my secondary education.”

Overcoming challenges

At age 18, just as Laura was finishing high school, she unexpectedly became pregnant and began having doubts about attending university.

“I suddenly felt that my world was coming down on me” says Laura, adding that she sought advice from a Plan International community worker during this time, and was encouraged to work toward her goals despite the obstacles she was facing.

9. Laura with beneficiaries

Laura with some of the sponsored children she works with

“This conversation lifted my spirits and helped me get my life on track again” says Laura. “Several Plan International staff in the field urged me to apply for a position in the sponsorship department. I applied, and to my great joy, I was hired!”

“The next 6 years was an amazing period in my life. I was simultaneously a new mother, university student, and a full-time employee in Plan International’s El Salvador country office. “

Making dreams come true

Today, Laura has achieved her lifelong dream of completing university and continues to work for Plan International – the organization who enabled her to become the hard working and self-assured woman she is today!

“The school supplies and uniforms I received as a child are gone, but the skills and competencies I learned will continue and are what have helped me achieve what I have to date” says Laura, with a smile.

Give a child a chance to thrive!

Without child sponsors like you, Laura’s life story could’ve been very different!

If you want to give children a chance to grow, develop, thrive and prosper, then become a child sponsor today. Your support will ensure that children’s rights to education, health, clean water, and protection are met, and that communities have the skills and tools necessary to break the cycle of poverty.

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