Change the Birth Story

Facts you need to know on World Sexual Health Day

| Aug 30, 2018

On World Sexual Health Day, get some key global facts and have open conversations about your sexual and reproductive health and rights. Read more »

How this super granny is working to change the birth story in Senegal

| Aug 28, 2018

Meet Aminata, a super granny from Senegal who is working with adolescents, women and men to help change the birth story through awareness and education! Read more »

Inspiring young men in Haiti to lead change in their community

| Aug 13, 2018

Meet Fabien from Haiti, he's working to improve access to life-saving reproductive health services and education for women and girls in his community. Read more »

Meet Madame Badji – a midwife breaking down barriers to accessing healthcare in Senegal

| Aug 2, 2018

Meet Madame Badji and see how midwives like her are working to change the birth story and increase access to healthcare in Senegal. Read more »

Rickshaw Drivers in Bangladesh are Cycling Their Way to Equality

| Jul 16, 2018

In Bangladesh, rickshaws are not only a mode of emergency transportation but they're improving access to life-saving healthcare services for pregnant women. Read more »

How Access to Reproductive Healthcare is Saving Lives in Bangladesh

| Jul 9, 2018

Kajoli was experiencing pregnancy related complications and was not being encouraged to access services. See how our project helped change her birth story! Read more »

Meet Diack – the inspiring father challenging gender roles in Senegal

| Jun 25, 2018

Meet Diack and see how Fathers' Clubs in Senegal are transforming local gender roles and teaching dads to put family health first! Read more »

Meet Oumou – a teen advocating to end child marriage and early pregnancy in Senegal

| Jun 14, 2018

See how a vibrant, young woman is working to end child marriage and early pregnancy in Senegal through education and youth empowerment. Read more »

Stories from the Field Reignite Youth’s Passion to help #ChangetheBirthStory

Guest blogger

See how we're engaging Canadian youth and helping grow their passion and capacity to advocate for maternal and newborn child health. Read more »

Youth Advocate Urges Canadians to Help #ChangetheBirthStory

Guest blogger

My birth story was joyous but that's not the reality for all women and girls giving birth around the world. Together, let's help change the birth story. Read more »

Husbands and dads play a vital role in changing the birth story

Men and boys can help change the birth story. Meet a man named Noah and see how our programming helped him become an involved father and devoted husband. Read more »

3 Reasons Why We Need to #ChangetheBirthStory

Too many women and girls are losing their lives and their potential to thrive. Your name has power to change the birth story, find out how. Read more »