Gender-Based Violence

Protecting Education from Attack: Nigeria Kidnappings

Staff Writer | Sep 1, 2021

No child should have to make the impossible choice between safety and education. In Nigeria, that’s exactly the decision families are facing. Children are being kept home from school due the insurgency and armed banditry that has caused displacement, forced school closures and particularly the increased threat of school kidnappings. Read more »

How this brave 15-year-old convinced her mom to stop practicing FGM

At 15, Marie refused to undergo FGM even though her mom was the local practioner. Meet this brave girl and see how she convinced her mom to change. Read more »

How can a pandemic cause a rise in violence against women and girls?

Can a pandemic cause a rise in violence against women and girls? Get the answer and learn how gender-based violence impacts women and girls globally. Read more »

Women’s and girls’ rights: what have we accomplished and what’s at stake now?

Data shows we're making progress when it comes to advancing women's and girls' rights. Globally, fewer girls are getting married and more are in school. Read more »

Gender-based violence: the silent and lethal ‘shadow pandemic’

A silent and lethal ‘shadow pandemic’ is unfolding across the globe as cases of gender-based violence are increasing due to COVID-19. Read more »

More countries are banning FGM but millions are still at risk

FGM is a violation of the human rights of girls. Find out why there has been a global trend to ban the practice and why millions of girls are still at risk. Read more »

Forced to undergo FGM at 12: Isha’s story

Isha* was 12 when she was forced to undergo FGM. Soon after, her family expected her to get married but she refused. This is Isha's story in her own words. Read more »

Surviving Sexual Slavery: Esther’s Story

Sexual slavery disproportionately impacts the lives of women and girls around the world. This is the story of a survivor who's rebuilding her life one day at a time. Read more »

The dark side of tourism: how underage girls are sexually exploited in the Dominican Republic

1 in 4 sex workers in the Dominican Republic is under the age of 18. Meet one survivor who was exploited by tourists and see how she turned her life around. Read more »

30 Years Later: “We’re not much further ahead,” says Canadian Youth

Guest blogger

Canadian youth reflects on what's changed 30 years after the Montral Massacre and how we can eliminate gender-based violence on campuses across the nation. Read more »

3 boys championing gender equality and girls’ rights!


Meet 3 boys taking action to speak out against negative gender stereotypes and norms, and promoting equal rights in their communities around the world. Read more »

A group of teenage girls are helping end FGM in Ethiopia

Globally, more than 200 million girls and women have undergone female genital mutilation. Meet a group of girls, fighting to end this practice in Ethiopia. Read more »