Post #MeToo a Conversation About Gender is Imperative

| Feb 15, 2018

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Meet the boys who are working to end period shaming in Uganda

| Feb 13, 2018

Boys and men can play a role in breaking down menstruation taboos. See how we’re working with them to keep more girls in school and end period shaming. Read more »

In Photos: “Love Yourself” art project empowers girls in Peru

| Feb 12, 2018

Teenage girls in Peru participate in an art therapy project and learn how to express themselves, embrace self-love, and discover their true potential! Read more »

Stronger together – how gender equality is redefining the family dynamic

| Feb 5, 2018

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Survivor of FGM Champions Change in her Community to Protect Other Girls

| Feb 5, 2018

A heartbreaking but inspiring story of Beatrice, a survivor working to protect other girls from experiencing female genital mutilation in her community. Read more »

“We are equal”: how youth are transforming attitudes towards gender in Nicaragua

| Dec 19, 2017

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Weaving her way to a brighter future

| Oct 25, 2017

In Laos, Plan International is supporting girls and women's empowerment through vocational training. See how this programming is changing lives. Read more »

Gender Inequality is Keeping Girls Out of School

| Oct 6, 2017

Too many girls around the world are being denied their right to an education but gender equality remains attainable with determined youth leading the way. Read more »

These Canadian leaders are showing the world that girls belong in their dream jobs

| Oct 2, 2017

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17 inspiring youth are set to show Canada that girls belong in their dream jobs!

| Sep 18, 2017

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Empowering underage girls to escape the sex trade in Uganda

| Aug 29, 2017

See how Plan International is empowering underage girls escape Uganda's sex trade through skills training and entrepreneurship. Read more »