How this brave 15-year-old convinced her mom to stop practicing FGM

| Apr 26, 2021

At 15, Marie refused to undergo FGM even though her mom was the local practioner. Meet this brave girl and see how she convinced her mom to change. Read more »

An investment in girls’ education today will strengthen the future of women’s leadership tomorrow

Lindsay Glassco | Mar 8, 2021

On International Women's Day, we recognize that girls are our women leaders of tomorrow. We cannot achieve gender equality without girls' education and ensuring their rights are protected. Read more »

Meet the mechanics working to overcome gender inequality in Guinea

| Nov 12, 2020

Meet Teninkè and N'Mahawa. These inspiring women are working to overcome gender inequality in Guinea by defying traditional gender norms. Read more »

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Meet 3 inspiring women shattering gender norms in the workplace

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Solar empowered women: Kenya’s renewable energy entrepreneurs

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The dark side of tourism: how underage girls are sexually exploited in the Dominican Republic

1 in 4 sex workers in the Dominican Republic is under the age of 18. Meet one survivor who was exploited by tourists and see how she turned her life around. Read more »

Why harassment and catcalling won’t keep these girls out of school

Street harassment is keeping girls out of school in communities across Egypt. See how we're working with local youth to challenge this harmful norm. Read more »

3 boys championing gender equality and girls’ rights!


Meet 3 boys taking action to speak out against negative gender stereotypes and norms, and promoting equal rights in their communities around the world. Read more »

A group of teenage girls are helping end FGM in Ethiopia

Globally, more than 200 million girls and women have undergone female genital mutilation. Meet a group of girls, fighting to end this practice in Ethiopia. Read more »

Today’s empowered girls are tomorrow’s empowered women

What happens when families, communities and whole societies start supporting girls? A generation of empowered girls become tomorrow’s empowered women! Read more »