Ways to Support Refugees Worldwide in Your Classroom


June 20th is World Refugee Day. Learn how your classroom and community can support refugees worldwide. Read more »

Helping refugee children hang on to childhood in the midst of crisis

How Plan International’s child-friendly spaces are helping refugee children overcome adversity through learning, laughing and playing.  Read more »

Education in emergencies: Why education can no longer wait

Guest blogger

Millions of children affected by conflict, disaster and other emergencies are losing out on their education. See why education needs to become a priority. Read more »

Surviving motherhood in one of the world’s most dangerous countries


Nigeria has one of the world’s highest maternal mortality rate. See how Plan International is committed to creating change and saving the lives of mothers. Read more »

4 reasons why a million children are at risk as El Niño ravages Ethiopia

El Niño is behind Ethiopia’s worst humanitarian crisis in years. We look at how droughts and flooding are challenging children’s survival.  Read more »

How a group of girls are defending their rights in post-earthquake Nepal


In the aftermath of the Nepal earthquakes: How a group of adolescent girls are standing up for their rights and spreading empowerment. Read more »

Eyewitness accounts: Surviving the Ecuador earthquake


After the 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador on April 16, 2016, Plan International is prepared to coordinate and expand humanitarian response. Read more »

The Nepal earthquake: 3 women who are making a difference

3  stories about how Plan International is helping women in Nepal learn new skills and challenge gender inequality following the 2015 earthquake. Read more »

The lowdown on early childhood care and development


Education and good health provide the best start in life. That’s why we focus on early childhood care and development in our work. Read more »

The Zika virus: 4 things you need to know


The Zika virus is spreading fast. Learn how Plan is working in affected communities to prevent the spread and keep families safe.  Read more »

There’s no better time to support Syrian refugees


The ongoing crisis in Syria has forced millions to flee their homes in search of safety. Plan's helping Syrian refugees rebuild their lives - you can help. Read more »

Resilience of Nepal’s women: 6 months after the earthquakes


6 months after the Nepal earthquakes, Plan’s continuing to help families rebuild their lives. Meet some of the resilient women at the heart of the effort. Read more »