The Beirut explosion: what is happening in Lebanon now? 

Plan Staff | Feb 22, 2021

See what is happening in Lebanon and learn how donors helped with the emergency response in Beirut after an explosion that shook the country.  Read more »

How digital classrooms are helping Syrian refugee children learn

| Jan 11, 2021

Syrian refugee children are accessing education during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to innovative digital solutions made possible by Canadian support. Read more »

World Refugee Day: How is COVID-19 impacting refugee girls and women?

| Jun 17, 2020

Based on our research, COVID-19 is having a significant impact on refugee girls and women – on their health, safety, education and livelihoods. Read more »

Bidding Canadians thanks from Bidi Bidi refugee settlement

Plan Staff | Jun 16, 2020

In late 2019 we called on Canadians to support education and relief efforts in Bidi Bidi, Uganda – one of the world’s largest refugee settlements. Read more »

Period poverty and COVID-19: How the pandemic is impacting access to menstrual products

| May 22, 2020

Period poverty is being exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. See how we're working to alleviate this reality and ensure access to menstrual health supplies Read more »

Helping others during a pandemic: Meet 3 inspirational youth making a difference

| May 7, 2020

From stopping child marriages to sewing face masks, meet 3 inspiring and empowered youth who are making a difference by helping others during this pandemic. Read more »

COVID-19 school closures: The importance of education is more than curriculum

Guest blogger | Apr 28, 2020

With almost 90% of students out of school globally due to COVID-19, our emergencies expert highlights why children still need education - even in crisis. Read more »

Coronavirus in Africa: how the pandemic will exacerbate humanitarian crises

| Apr 23, 2020

As confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Africa grow, see how we are responding to prevent the spread and support those already impacted by humanitarian crisis. Read more »

COVID-19 School Closures Impact Nearly 743 Million Girls

Significant gains have been made in girls' education around the world, but the COVID-19 pandemic is putting them at risk. Read more »

8 tips for talking to children about coronavirus (COVID-19)

Talking to children about coronavirus is crucial. Based on our expertise as a child rights organization, we're providing 8 tips to ensure children feel safe. Read more »

Gender and coronavirus: why women are bearing the brunt of COVID-19

Gender norms and expectations play a role in how women are impacted by coronavirus. See 5 reasons why women are bearing the brunt of COVID-19. Read more »

3 ways children are impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19)

Although children appear less affected by COVID-19 than adults, the coronavirus pandemic can alter their lives. See the 3 ways COVID-19 can impact children. Read more »