Child Sponsorship

Chance of a lifetime: One couple’s adventure to meet their sponsored child

From Alberta to the Philippines: a couple travels to meet their sponsored child and see the impact of their long-time support to Plan International.  Read more »

Long-time child sponsor sees remarkable change in every visit

Rose Caicco, a long-time Plan International Canada donor, sees the benefits of Child Sponsorship every time she visits the Dominican Republic. Read more »

Opening the doors to a strong, healthy future in Kita

New healthcare and maternity clinics are up and running in Kita, thanks to Plan International Canada’s generous Community Sponsors.  Read more »

Life after Child Sponsorship: Proof that nothing is impossible


Meet 2 former sponsored children from Bangladesh and see firsthand how Child Sponsorship benefits children and communities around the globe.      Read more »

Introducing Nga, Laos: A remote community with boundless possibility


Join Plan Canada as we embark on a mission to transform the lives of thousands of children and families living in the remote community of Nga, Laos.  Read more »

10 reasons to write your sponsored child


As a child sponsor with Plan International Canada, see how writing your sponsored child can make the experience even more rewarding! Read more »

How these 2 young women became the empowered leaders they are today!


See how Plan’s Child Sponsorship program helped empower these two young women with the skills and opportunities to create a brighter future! Read more »

The ripple effect of empowering girls and women


Meet empowered girls and women from Ghana, who’re investing their skills, knowledge and income in their families and communities to create lasting change. Read more »

How empowering a community means a brighter future for girls and women


See how Plan Canada’s Community Sponsorship program is empowering the entire community of Volta, Ghana, and changing the lives of girls and women. Read more »

Experiencing life in Tanzania: Canadian sisters return from a life-changing trip


After a life-changing family trip to see Plan Canada's maternal health and education projects in Tanzania, two teenage sisters share their experiences. Read more »

How investing in one girl transformed an entire community


VIDEO: See how investing in one girl, through Plan’s Child Sponsorship, transformed not only her life, but an entire community in the Philippines. Read more »