Child Marriage

GUEST BLOG: Too young to marry


GUEST BLOG: Plan UK uses Microsoft’s age-guessing app to raise awareness about child marriage, revealing the ages of child brides in developing countries. Read more »

3 pressing health issues affecting girls in developing countries


With limited access to healthcare and information, menstruation, child marriage, and Ebola are becoming major girls’ health issues in developing countries. Read more »

3 social injustices that girls face around the world


Explore three major issues affecting girls and women around the world, and see how achieving gender equality can help promote social justice for all. Read more »

The growing movement to end child marriage


With support from the United Nations and organizations like Plan, there’s a growing movement to end child marriage in developing countries worldwide. Read more »

7 reasons why the fight for girls’ rights still matters


Girls' rights are human rights. Yet globally, millions of girls are denied education, life-saving health services, and opportunities for a brighter future. Read more »

Two incredible girls fighting for children’s rights!

Kate Jongbloed

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, meet two girls championing children’s rights in Africa. Read more »