Child Marriage

Empowering girls in Bangladesh to say “NO” to child marriage

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Change is possible: Dominican Republic takes a huge step to end child marriage

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5 ways to end child marriage

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5 myths about child marriage

Emma Hamilton-Clark

Child marriage is a global issue impacting the lives of millions of girls every day. Get the facts on child marriage as we dispel these 5 common myths. Read more »

A historic victory: How empowered youth ended child marriage in Malawi

See how youth supported by Plan International secured a historic amendment to Malawi’s constitution that outlaws child marriage once and for all.  Read more »

Clearing the path to girls’ education in Guatemala

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Success! How empowered girls are ending child marriage in Guatemala

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How education protects girls from child marriage


One of the most powerful ways to stop child marriage is with education. See how it helped protect these girls and empower them with a brighter future. Read more »

Time to shine a spotlight on invisible girls: Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen, CEO of Plan International, on how empowering girls can change the world

Guest blogger

Plan International CEO Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen on why girls struggle to access their rights, and how empowering girls can create lasting, positive change Read more »

Surviving motherhood in one of the world’s most dangerous countries to become a mother


Nigeria has one of the world’s highest maternal mortality rate. See how Plan International is committed to creating change and saving the lives of mothers. Read more »

A bride at 16: The reality of child marriage

Guest blogger

While the movement to end child marriage is growing, 15 million girls, like 16-year-old Punam, still become child brides every year. This is Punam’s story. Read more »

How a group of girls are defending their rights in post-earthquake Nepal


In the aftermath of the Nepal earthquakes: How a group of adolescent girls are standing up for their rights and spreading empowerment. Read more »