Child Marriage

“This nightmare called marriage”: a former child bride shares her story

| Sep 2, 2020

At age 14, Titi* became a child bride against her will. Now, she's sharing her personal story and warning against child marriage. Read more »

Survivor of child marriage, Samra Zafar, shares 3 harsh realities of her experience

Guest blogger

In her own words, our new Celebrated Ambassador shares her experiences and insights about living as a child bride in a forced marriage in Canada. Read more »

4 serious health consequences of child marriage

Child marriage increases the risk of violence, illness and even death for girls. See 4 of the serious health consequences of child marriage. Read more »

Forced to marry a stranger: a child bride shares her story

Guest blogger

At age 14, Sharina was forced to marry a man she had never met before. Now, she's sharing her personal story and warning against child marriage. Read more »

3 boys championing gender equality and girls’ rights!


Meet 3 boys taking action to speak out against negative gender stereotypes and norms, and promoting equal rights in their communities around the world. Read more »

Why these 3 leaders are vowing to end child marriage

Meet 3 bold and inspiring women from around the world and see why they will stop at nothing to end child marriage – for good. Read more »

How Staying in School Can Prevent Child Marriage: Monica’s Story

Monica escaped being forced into marriage because of an ally at school and now she's determined to pursue her education and fight for girls' rights. Read more »

In her own words: A former child bride recounts her nightmare marriage

Guest blogger

At age 15, Latifa became a child bride to a man 20 years older than her. Now, she's sharing her personal story and warning against child marriage. Read more »

Divorced at 17: Life as a Child Bride in Malawi

Survivor of child marriage has a message for other girls in her community: Go to school! See how Dorothy is working to end child marriage in Malawi. Read more »

Ending child marriage in Mozambique: education is a powerful weapon

Nearly 50% of all girls in Mozambique are married before age 18. See how we're working to empower girls to decide their own futures through education. Read more »

Hirut was almost a child bride at 12 but she fought to stay in school and won!

Hirut escaped child marriage and now champions girls' rights. Her story is an example of how our work is helping change the story for girls in Ethiopia. Read more »

5 Surprising Reasons Why Child Marriage Happens

Millions of girls become child brides each year. There are many reasons why child marriage persists; here are some you may not have considered before. Read more »