Caroline Riseboro

The Power of Human Potential

Caroline Riseboro | Feb 4, 2019

President & CEO, Caroline Riseboro shares stories from our 2018 Annual Review that highlight the impact we're having around the world. Read more »

2018: A year of Defying Normal

Caroline Riseboro | Dec 18, 2018

President & CEO Caroline Riseboro looks back on 2018, highlighting how it was the year to Defy Normal and unleash human potential all around the world. Read more »

Defy Normal for Children Everywhere

Caroline Riseboro | Sep 26, 2018

Plan International Canada President & CEO Caroline Riseboro shares why we're calling on Canadians to Defy Normal and help unleash human potential. Read more »

Being a humanitarian is a moral obligation for all

Caroline Riseboro | Aug 16, 2018

Marking World Humanitarian Day by challenging how we understand humanitarian work and our collective obligation to serve our global community. Read more »

Together, we sent a message of hope to girls everywhere

Caroline Riseboro | Jun 21, 2018

Caroline Riseboro shares how G7 leaders came together to make history and help change the world for millions of girls living in crises. Read more »

Nothing is hopeless, we must hope for everything

Caroline Riseboro | Jun 20, 2018

To mark World Refugee Day, Caroline Riseboro calls on Canadians to start believing in the impossible and out-of-reach. Read more »

Nothing about girls, without girls

Caroline Riseboro | May 29, 2018

It’s time for world leaders to pass the mic to adolescent girls. Why we’re calling on all governments to listen to girl advocates at the 2018 G7 Summit. Read more »

Amplifying the voices and choices of women and girls around the globe

Caroline Riseboro | Mar 21, 2018

President & CEO Caroline Riseboro shares her highlights from International Women's Day, calling on us to amplify the voices of girls around the world. Read more »

A new partnership for the new economy: #MovetheDial and Plan International Canada

Caroline Riseboro | Mar 12, 2018

Caroline Riseboro and Jodi Kovitz discuss an innovative new partnership to empower women and girls in STEM and to create gender equality in the new economy. Read more »

My top 5 girl power wins of 2017

Caroline Riseboro

Though 2017 offered its fair share of hurdles and injustices, we also saw some amazing wins, especially for girls’ rights and gender equality. See the top 5 Read more »

In the march for gender equality, we must never slow our stride

Caroline Riseboro

Plan International Canada President & CEO Caroline Riseboro discusses recent wins and losses for gender equality, urging us to keep fighting for equality. Read more »

Girls Belong in School

Caroline Riseboro

Plan International Canada's President & CEO shares how donor support is helping children - and especially girls - exercise their rights to education. Read more »