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Guest blogger

Caroline Riseboro’s Top 3 Gifts of Hope – Find something for everyone on your list!

Guest blogger

PlanCanada HAITI-144It’s that time of the year again. Jingle Bells is blaring on the radio, the scent of gingerbread is wafting through the air…and you’re stressing about buying the perfect gifts for friends and family.

Yes, the holiday season is here, but there’s no reason to panic because Plan International Canada’s Gifts of Hope catalogue is filled with fantastic gift ideas for everyone on your list – even those who are impossible to buy for!

As President & CEO of Plan International Canada, Caroline Riseboro knows all about the positive change Gifts of Hope can spark, and she also knows how tough it can be to find meaningful gifts for those special people in your life.

So, to make your holiday shopping easier, Caroline is offering up her top 3 picks from this year’s Gifts of Hope collection.

1. Mama kits

Mother holding laughing baby

“This amazing gift gives moms piece of mind and support at a crucial time, ensures babies are healthy, and gets them on the way to building a strong life together.”

Given to expectant mothers, mama kits will make all the difference. From hygiene items to a warm wrap for swaddling little ones, these kits are packed with essentials to safely deliver babies and empower new moms. This special gift will also improve access to health clinics and services for mothers and children, enabling them to thrive and grow stronger together.

2. Girl power

Confident girl smiling

“When girls realize their full potential, the whole world benefits. And because girl power is the highest matched gift in the catalogue, it carries the biggest bang for your buck.” 

Girl power is more than a gift; it’s a chance to change the world! Offering girls nourishment, education and protection from child marriage, this empowering gift also engages boys and men to help achieve gender equality, and opens up economic opportunities to women so they can lead themselves and their families out of poverty.

3. Buzzing bees

Man holding bee hive

“What better gift can you give a family than the promise of a sure income, while giving local crops an extra boost with the work of pollinating bees?” 

You better bee-lieve it! The small yet mighty bee can open up the doors of income and opportunity for families struggling with poverty, enabling them to make ends meet and provide for their children. This sweet gift includes everything from a hive to honeybees, training, and all the essentials for pollinating a buzzing family business.

Real gifts that change real lives

Gifts of Hope put girls in school, food on plates and an income in the hands of moms and dads who dream of building a bright future for their families. They also unite communities, inspire positive change, and help end the cycle of poverty.

Best of all, when you give a Gift of Hope, you are not only warming the heart of a loved one, but also spreading joy, hope and empowerment in some of the poorest regions in the world!

Give a Gift of Hope today!