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Guest blogger

Because I am a Girl…starting the journey

Guest blogger

The September 22nd launch of the Because I am a Girl campaign in Berczy Park was a resounding success. Our team arrived in our Because I am a Girl vehicle and immediately went to work interviewing the incredible Plan ambassador and Olympic skier Jennifer Heil.  As an accomplished and empowered female athlete, Jennifer enthusiastically conveyed the importance of the Because I am a Girl report and its global implications for girls everywhere. Hearing her speak about her involvement with Plan and her ability to make a difference as one individual has provided an inspirational start to our travels across Canada.

At the launch, we also interviewed a vivacious group of girls who conveyed to us the importance of global change for girls everywhere. Ranging from ages ten to eighteen, the young women expressed their hope for equality worldwide. One girl, Adalyn, age 11 responded –  “If you think you can’t do something, you just haven’t tried. One voice can make a difference”.

We finished the launch by interviewing recording artist and Canadian Idol finalist Tara Orem as well as a group of girls from the “Girls Can Do Anything Magazine” who all agreed that social change is possible if you take that extra step and use your voice to speak up.

We finished the day by visiting Bliss Carman middle school where we talked to two different groups of girls who all spoke articulately about the differences between girls in Canada and those overseas. Each girl expressed their desire to help girls overseas, they just weren’t sure how. When we told them about Plan and the Because I am a Girl campaign they asked how they could become involved and were eager to know more. Since the launch on the 22nd, our team has been busy interviewing different girls at schools all across Toronto including the Bishop Strachan School and Havergal College.

The team is really excited to get on the road! We can’t wait to meet incredible girls all across Canada and to hear what they have to say first hand. The landscape of Canada is spectacular and we look forward to capturing the beautiful imagery our country has to offer from coast to coast.