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Surviving Sexual Slavery: Esther’s Story

| Jan 21, 2020

Sexual slavery disproportionately impacts the lives of women and girls around the world. This is the story of a survivor who's rebuilding her life one day at a time. Read more »

In photos: Reopening CAR’s schools after years of conflict

| Sep 27, 2019

Violence destroyed their classrooms. But after years of conflict, children in Central African Republic are finally headed back to school. Read more »

3 Ways We Champion Learning Around the World

| Aug 29, 2019

We're committed to helping all children and young people recognize and unleash their power and potential. Find out the 3 ways we make this happen! Read more »

Fathers are key to advancing gender equality

| Jul 10, 2019

New research reveals that fathers want to be more involved in caregiving or their children. Find out what's holding them back. Read more »

Cyclone Idai: Why a gender lens is necessary

Women and girls face unique barriers in the chaos of emergencies. See how we're using a gender lens to guide our humanitarian response to Cyclone Idai. Read more »

A group of teenage girls are helping end FGM in Ethiopia

Globally, more than 200 million girls and women have undergone female genital mutilation. Meet a group of girls, fighting to end this practice in Ethiopia. Read more »

Today’s empowered girls are tomorrow’s empowered women

What happens when families, communities and whole societies start supporting girls? A generation of empowered girls become tomorrow’s empowered women! Read more »

Youth are the leaders of today not tomorrow

Meet 5 youth from around the world who are leading change in their communities and championing gender equality. Read more »

10 gifts that help create a brighter future for girls

Get into the holiday giving spirit with this gift guide: 10 gifts that give back and make a difference for girls and women around the world. Read more »

How Staying in School Can Prevent Child Marriage: Monica’s Story

Monica escaped being forced into marriage because of an ally at school and now she's determined to pursue her education and fight for girls' rights. Read more »

Meet 3 Women who are Defying Normal in their Communities

Meet three inspiring women who are rejecting gender norms in their communities and defying normal by pursuing the careers of their own choosing. Read more »