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Meet 3 Boys Who Are Defying Normal to end Sexual Harassment in Egypt

| Oct 1, 2018

These boys are no longer accepting sexual harassment or inequality faced by girls in their communities as 'normal'. They are standing up to Defy Normal. Read more »

Meet 19 Girls Who Will Defy Normal This International Day of the Girl

| Sep 29, 2018

To mark this year's International Day of the Girl, 19 Canadian girls will #DefyNormal and take a stand for girls' rights and gender equality. Read more »

Improving access to education with a new school in Liberia

| Sep 7, 2018

See how this new school in Liberia is improving access to education and helping children in the community reach their full potential. Read more »

Facts you need to know on World Sexual Health Day

| Aug 30, 2018

On World Sexual Health Day, get some key global facts and have open conversations about your sexual and reproductive health and rights. Read more »

Inspiring young men in Haiti to lead change in their community

| Aug 13, 2018

Meet Fabien from Haiti, he's working to improve access to life-saving reproductive health services and education for women and girls in his community. Read more »

Canadian Youth Speak Out Against Sex Ed Repeal

| Jul 17, 2018

We asked some of our youth what the Sex Ed repeal in Ontario means to them. See what they had to say. Read more »

Rickshaw Drivers in Bangladesh are Cycling Their Way to Equality

| Jul 16, 2018

In Bangladesh, rickshaws are not only a mode of emergency transportation but they're improving access to life-saving healthcare services for pregnant women. Read more »

How Access to Reproductive Healthcare is Saving Lives in Bangladesh

| Jul 9, 2018

Kajoli was experiencing pregnancy related complications and was not being encouraged to access services. See how our project helped change her birth story! Read more »

In Photos: How girls are scoring goals for equality through football

| Jun 29, 2018

See how Plan International is using football to help girls around the world build their confidence and leadership skills to stand up for their rights. Read more »

Meet Oumou – a teen advocating to end child marriage and early pregnancy in Senegal

| Jun 14, 2018

See how a vibrant, young woman is working to end child marriage and early pregnancy in Senegal through education and youth empowerment. Read more »

Keeping Colombian Girls in School Starts with Ending Period Shaming

| May 24, 2018

Menstruation continues to be a barrier to girls' education. We're working to improve access to supplies and end period shaming to keep girls in school! Read more »

Divorced at 17: Life as a Child Bride in Malawi

| Apr 20, 2018

Survivor of child marriage has a message for other girls in her community: Go to school! See how Dorothy is working to end child marriage in Malawi. Read more »