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Goats have the power to positively impact the life of a child, their family and their entire community. Read Fadi’s story to see how.

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10 gifts that help create a brighter future for girls

| Nov 19, 2021

Want to give gifts that give back this holiday season? We’ve got you covered – these 10 incredible gifts work to empower girls and women around the world! Our Gifts of Hope products are not symbolic so when you purchase a gift, the money goes specifically to one of our projects in the communities where we work. Read more »

COVID-19 School Closures Impact Nearly 743 Million Girls

Significant gains have been made in girls' education around the world, but the COVID-19 pandemic is putting them at risk. Read more »

Surviving Sexual Slavery: Esther’s Story

Sexual slavery disproportionately impacts the lives of women and girls around the world. This is the story of a survivor who's rebuilding her life one day at a time. Read more »

In photos: Reopening CAR’s schools after years of conflict

Violence destroyed their classrooms. But after years of conflict, children in Central African Republic are finally headed back to school. Read more »

3 Ways We Champion Learning Around the World

We're committed to helping all children and young people recognize and unleash their power and potential. Find out the 3 ways we make this happen! Read more »

Fathers are key to advancing gender equality

New research reveals that fathers want to be more involved in caregiving or their children. Find out what's holding them back. Read more »

Cyclone Idai: Why a gender lens is necessary

Women and girls face unique barriers in the chaos of emergencies. See how we're using a gender lens to guide our humanitarian response to Cyclone Idai. Read more »

A group of teenage girls are helping end FGM in Ethiopia

Globally, more than 200 million girls and women have undergone female genital mutilation. Meet a group of girls, fighting to end this practice in Ethiopia. Read more »

Today’s empowered girls are tomorrow’s empowered women

What happens when families, communities and whole societies start supporting girls? A generation of empowered girls become tomorrow’s empowered women! Read more »

Youth are the leaders of today not tomorrow

Meet 5 youth from around the world who are leading change in their communities and championing gender equality. Read more »

How Staying in School Can Prevent Child Marriage: Monica’s Story

Monica escaped being forced into marriage because of an ally at school and now she's determined to pursue her education and fight for girls' rights. Read more »