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Brewing a brighter future in Vietnam

See how Plan International’s programming helped a young entrepreneur in Vietnam open up her own coffee shop and realize her dreams.  Read more »

Celebrating success and saying farewell to communities in the Philippines

After 18 years of Plan International programming, communities in the Philippines now have the tools they need to continue to their own development. Read more »

Enabling children in Laos to raise their voices and inspire change

See how Plan International Canada’s Community Sponsorship program is ensuring children’s views and opinions are heard in Nga, Laos.  Read more »

How baby chicks are breaking open brighter futures in El Salvador

See how Canadians’ baby chicks Gifts of Hope are cracking bright futures wide open for children and families in El Salvador. Read more »

Unleashing a girl’s potential through Child Sponsorship

Meet Fatu, a former Plan International sponsored child from Sierra Leone, and see how Child Sponsorship helped her become the role model she is today!  Read more »

Why more boys are standing up for girls’ rights in Latin America

See how Plan International is working with boys across Latin America to promote gender equality and girls’ rights. Read more »

How we’re helping Burundian refugee children access their rights in Tanzania

See how Plan International is supporting Burundian refugee children to access their rights to education, protection, and emotional wellbeing.  Read more »

“A beautiful, fulfilling and memorable experience”: Jenn’s journey to meet her sponsored child in Thailand

From Canada to Thailand: Jenn travels to meet her sponsored child and see how her support is helping families thrive!  Read more »

Why a group of inspiring girls are boldly challenging Canadian leaders to stand up for girls’ rights

To mark International Day of the Girl, a group of girls are challenging Canadian leaders to support girls’ rights and put girls in positions of leadership.  Read more »

Success! How empowered girls are ending child marriage in Guatemala

See how Plan International is leading the movement to end child marriage in Guatemala, supporting girls to petition government and change marriage laws. Read more »

5 innovations helping children learn around the world

How Plan International is helping thousands of children access their right to education through 5 innovative and creative solutions.  Read more »

How Child Sponsorship helped Binta reach her full potential

Meet Binta, a former Plan International sponsored child from Guinea-Bissau, and see how Child Sponsorship helped her become a champion for girls' rights. Read more »