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What you need to know about the impact of gender inequality on health

| Feb 8, 2021

The impact of gender inequality on health can result in devastating and deadly consequences – especially for women and adolescent girls. See why. Read more »

How inspiring young leaders pay it forward to help others

| Jan 14, 2021

Pay it forward is the concept of passing on kindness, and no one knows this better than Aiza and Raiha. Meet these 2 inspiring youth heroes. Read more »

How digital classrooms are helping Syrian refugee children learn

| Jan 11, 2021

Syrian refugee children are accessing education during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to innovative digital solutions made possible by Canadian support. Read more »

Giving Tuesday: 4 things you need to know

| Nov 24, 2020

Giving Tuesday marks the beginning of the holiday giving season. Find out more about this impactful day and learn how to support giving back to others. Read more »

7 gifts for minimalists that help make the world a better place

| Nov 19, 2020

Find gifts for minimalists who are hard to shop for. These gifts can help make the world a better place by addressing climate change and tackling poverty. Read more »

Meet the mechanics working to overcome gender inequality in Guinea

| Nov 12, 2020

Meet Teninkè and N'Mahawa. These inspiring women are working to overcome gender inequality in Guinea by defying traditional gender norms. Read more »

Data reveals impact of cyberbullying on girls’ lives in Canada

| Oct 5, 2020

In a new survey from Plan International Canada, girls were asked to share their experiences with cyberbullying. See the results here. Read more »

3 innovative ways we’re continuing education for students during Covid-19

| Sep 22, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve implemented 3 different approaches that have helped students continue their education during this time. Learn more. Read more »

“This nightmare called marriage”: a former child bride shares her story

| Sep 2, 2020

At age 14, Titi* became a child bride against her will. Now, she's sharing her personal story and warning against child marriage. Read more »

Women’s and girls’ rights: what have we accomplished and what’s at stake now?

| Aug 19, 2020

Data shows we're making progress when it comes to advancing women's and girls' rights. Globally, fewer girls are getting married and more are in school. Read more »

Gender-based violence: the silent and lethal ‘shadow pandemic’

| Jul 22, 2020

A silent and lethal ‘shadow pandemic’ is unfolding across the globe as cases of gender-based violence are increasing due to COVID-19. Read more »

More countries are banning FGM but millions are still at risk

| Jul 2, 2020

FGM is a violation of the human rights of girls. Find out why there has been a global trend to ban the practice and why millions of girls are still at risk. Read more »