How the star of Lost Girl, actress Anna Silk, is creating a brighter future for girls!

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Every day we’re amazed to hear about Because I am a Girl supporters who find creative ways to raise awareness and funds to help create a brighter future for girls around the world.

So, when we heard how Canadian actress Anna Silk, who stars as Bo on the hit TV series, Lost Girl, other members of the show’s cast and crew, and even Lost Girl fans rallied together to support our work, we were blown away!

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By donating proceeds from a limited edition Lost Girl necklace, they raised $25,000 – helping us reach even more girls in developing countries and ensure they have access to their basic human rights, like education, healthcare, and protection. A big THANK YOU to everyone at Lost Girl and the incredible fans for their support!

We recently had the chance to catch up with Anna Silk, who enthusiastically champions Because I am a Girl and was at the forefront of the Lost Girl fundraiser! Here, Anna talks about Lost Girl, the show’s fans, the entertainment industry, her future plans and why she’s passionate about using her voice to speak up for girls’ rights and gender equality.

How did the idea of donating proceeds from the Lost Girl necklace to Because I am a Girl come about?

Actress, Anna Silk

Photo credit: Matt Sayles

AS: Because I am a Girl is an organization myself and the producers of Lost Girl had discussed in earlier seasons. It has been on my radar for many years. I can remember seeing billboards all over Toronto years ago when the campaign started. I visit the website regularly and keep up with updates through social media. The necklace was part of the storyline between the characters, Bo and Lauren – a symbol of love and hope. In terms of which organization to donate to, the decision really came from a discussion between myself and one of our producers. Zoie (who plays Lauren) and I both felt great about this donation and were so thrilled with the money raised and the fan involvement with such a worthy cause. Because I am a Girl has such a wonderful message and global outreach that I think is incredible.

What was the response from fans of Lost Girl?

AS: Fans of Lost Girl are amazing, period! So many of them were eager to purchase the necklace, but I didn’t anticipate how excited people would be or how quickly the necklace would sell.

As a woman in entertainment, have you ever faced any barriers because of your gender? If so, how did you overcome them?

“By shining a bright light on how women and girls around the world can be given more opportunities…is how barriers are broken down.”

AS: I feel like everyone’s situation is relative and everyone, particularly women and girls, face barriers because of gender. I am so blessed to be in the position I am in and would never compare my situation with another woman’s. In terms of how I overcome barriers, the truth is I’ve been able to access opportunities that help me do so – and that’s where I think awareness for Because I am a Girl and other organizations like it have such impact. By shining a bright light on how women and girls around the world can be given more opportunities, and be able to create their own, is how barriers are broken down.

How do you think the entertainment industry can positively influence girls?

Actress, Anna Silk as her TV character, Bo.

“Role models are important – I loved playing such a strong female character on TV,” shared actress Anna Silk.

AS: I think the entertainment industry can raise awareness. Artists provide inspiration for so many people. Role models are important – I loved playing such a strong female character on TV and I get so many amazing letters from girls all over the world. Positively influencing girls is something Lost Girl is very proud of.

As a mother, why do you think promoting gender equality is important?

AS: As the mother of a young son, I want him to be sensitive to and aware of other people’s needs and feelings, regardless of their gender. I have a responsibility to make sure he is aware that equality for all comes from knowing what is happening around the world and understanding that choosing actions that move in the direction of educating yourself and others is what will affect change. Gender inequality can seem like a problem that is too big to overcome – Because I am a Girl is a voice for change.

With the final season of Lost Girl coming to a close, what are your future plans?

AS: I am enjoying some downtime from working and love the time I have had to spend with my family. I am reading some great material and looking for the right fit for a new role. Playing Bo on Lost Girl was a fantastic experience and one that I will never forget. But, I am up for a new challenge.

“A #BrighterFuture for girls to me means equal opportunities globally.”

What does a #BrighterFuture for girls mean to you?

AS: A #BrighterFuture for girls to me means equal opportunities globally. I hope that my son sees a world in which women and girls are given the same rights and freedoms that he will have.

YOU can create a #BrighterFuture for girls too!

Feel inspired by Anna Silk and the incredible impact that she and the Lost Girl crew and fans have had? You can take action to make a difference in the lives of girls around the world too. Check out the different ways you can get involved with Because I am a Girl and join the global movement for a #BrighterFuture!