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Kate Jongbloed

A world where girls’ reproductive rights are respected

Kate Jongbloed

Here at Because I am a Girl, we’re really loving the reproductive health theme of this year’s World Population Day:

Delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled.

In fact, Plan Canada and Because I am a Girl are working on every single one of these goals! Check it out…

Every pregnancy is wanted: Girls have the right to choose when and if they become pregnant. Without sexual education or access to sexual health services, the option to make that decision isn’t always available.

  • Plan’s solution: To help spread the word about girls’ and boys’ sexual health rights, Plan turns teens into the source of information – peer-to-peer counsellors get the facts during group training sessions and then pass them along to friends. If you want to hear it from the experts, check out this interview with Tanjina about girls’ maternal and sexual health. Or, learn how soccer can be a tool to promote sexual education in Ethiopia.

Every childbirth is safe: When complications occur in pregnancy and childbirth, girls and their babies are put at risk. These complications are the leading cause of death among girls 15 to 19 in developing countries. IN fact,  girls who get pregnant before their 15th birthday are five times more likely to die in childbirth, compared to women in their 20s.

  • Plan’s solution: Helping girls survive childbirth doesn’t start at the hospital – it starts way before that. Plan works to end child marriage, helping to put a stop to early pregnancy and the health risks that go with it. Plan also helps pregnant women to overcome the barriers to getting the health care they need, when they need it. Learn more about Plan is helping women and girls survive childbirth in this infographic!

Every young person’s potential is fulfilled: The three e’s – empowerment, education, and employment – are major factors in girls’ success.

Do you remember last year’s big news on World Population Day? We celebrated the world reaching a whopping 7 billion inhabitants!

How will you recognize World Population Day 2012?