5 companies creating a #BrighterFuture for girls and women everywhere

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

More and more companies from a variety of industries – beauty, sporting goods, clothing and toys – are making it their social mission to help empower girls and women, either through their core products or through philanthropic activities.

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We rounded up 5 of these companies to share how they’re supporting a #BrighterFuture for women and girls.

1. Dove – Redefining beauty

A few years ago, Dove launched their Campaign for Real Beauty after findings from their global report showed only 4% of women described themselves as beautiful. Since then, Dove has released a number of empowering videos – many have gone viral – sparking meaningful conversations about beauty.

Through their Self Esteem Project, Dove’s on a mission to challenge beauty stereotypes and boost self-esteem in girls. By providing parents, mentors and teachers with tools and resources to help build body confidence, Dove’s goal is to improve the self-esteem of 15 million girls! Plan Canada is proud to be a partner of Dove’s Self-Esteem Project and working with them to positively impact the lives of girls for a better, brighter future.

2. Under Armour – Celebrating strength

Under Armour is another company with an uplifting viral video and powerful message for girls and women. In their “I Will What I Want” campaign, they’re celebrating women, like ballerina Misty Copeland, for showing strength, will and determination in the face of adversity. Under Armour turns the stereotype that women should be meek and passive completely upside down with a refreshing message that encourages women to embrace their strength!

3. Scotiabank – Building a bright future

Plan staff member laughing with two women.Scotiabank’s Bright Future program is committed to giving back to communities around the world. Sharing in our vision of a brighter future for girls, boys, men and women, Scotiabank has been a longtime partner of Plan Canada and our Because I am a Girl initiative, most recently contributing $30,000 in honour of International Women’s Day. They currently support Plan’s economic empowerment projects in Peru that help give vulnerable groups, like adolescent girls and unemployed women, the chance to gain the skills and education they need to lift themselves, their families and entire communities out of poverty.

4. Yellowberry – Encouraging girlhood

During a shopping trip to buy her 13-year-old sister a bra, Megan was surprised to see so many bras with padding for young girls. Unhappy with the way girls are pressured to look and dress a certain way, Megan founded Yellowberry at the age of 17, a company that makes bras that actually fit the body type of growing girls. Adolescence can be an awkward and difficult phase, but Yellowberry is helping girls feel comfortable and confident with their developing bodies.

5. GoldieBlox – Inspiring creativity

Did you know? Only 14% of engineers worldwide are female. Why? Studies show girls are often discouraged from science, technology, engineering and math at an early age. GoldieBlox is here to change that! Determined to give girls an alternative to princess-themed toys, GoldieBlox offers toys that encourage girls to build, create and problem-solve – inspiring the next generation of female engineers.

Celebrate girls and women

This blog post is part of a series published in celebration of International Women’s Day, #IWD2015. Read our other posts and join us in recognizing the importance of empowering women and girls everywhere!