For dads standing up for girls’ rights: 4 Father’s Day gifts

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Reading Time: 2 minutes

In communities around the world, we see how influential dads can be in promoting the rights of girls and women. Studies show when fathers support girls’ and women’s rights, their daughters and wives become empowered and their sons learn to treat women with the same respect.

There are many examples of fathers standing up for girls’ rights, like Ziauddin Yousafzai, the father of girls’ education activist Malala Yousafzai. We love that he declared in his TED Talk, “I’m known by my daughter, and proud of it.”

So, to celebrate the fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers and men who champion gender equality, here are 4 Gifts of Hope for Father’s Day that make a difference in the lives of girls and women!

1. Birth Certificate, $25 (matched for $125 value)

A birth certificate is no mere piece of paper – it’s a human right. It’s an open door, a bridge, a shield and a safeguard. It provides girls access to essential, basic human rights. It’s a link to education and health care, and provides protection from abuse and exploitation. In many parts of Asia and Africa, less than half of all children are registered at birth! But, with this gift, we can change this. 

Teenage girl holding her birth certificate.

2. Food basket, $50 (matched for $400 value)

In many countries, girls are 3x more likely to be malnourished than boys. By providing these baskets filled with staples like beans, cooking oil, fortified cereal blends and sugar, it’ll help combat malnutrition. Basket by basket, you’ll be providing families with enough food to ensure all children, including daughters, receive healthy meals.

Family eats dinner.

3. Clean water for families, $75 (matched for $225 value)

On average, girls in developing countries walk over 6 kilometres per day, and 15 hours per week, to fetch and carry 20 litres of water. This cuts into the time they could be spending at school, studying or playing. Community-based water solutions, including training on proper sanitation, will bring clean water closer to home, so girls no longer lose out on their education.

Schoolgirls carry buckets of water on their head.

Celebrate the dads in your life with Gifts of Hope!